Renan says Senate votes PEC of expenses by the end of the year

He also said that if necessary, postpone the start of the legislative recess the end of the year to vote the proposal.
12/10/2016 10h05 - Updated 12/10/2016 10h05
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Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), he said yesterday (11), that if necessary, postpone the start of the legislative recess the end of the year to complete the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the vote (PEC) limiting public spending for the next 20 years. A PEC 241 It was approved in the first round in the House of Representatives and has yet to be second vote in the House before reaching the Senate.

To ensure speed in the approval of the proposal, Renan said he is personally acting. "If you need to break into the recess, we invade the recess to have the completion of the processing of that PEC, it is important, It is the first step to build fiscal sustainability by the end of the year. "

Renan said it will talk to the president of the Commission of Constitution and Justice of the Senate, José Maranhão (PMDB-MA), so this choice a rapporteur for the subject who is engaged to reduce the time and speed up proceedings. Thus, Tenan hopes to ensure that the PEC is finally approved in two readings in the Senate before the end of this fiscal year.

"If not abreviarmos deadlines and procedure, We will take more than 30 days. And we can not enjoy that matter, it is very important to Brazil, after the last day of the fiscal year. It will be very bad ", said.

other topics

Renan Calheiros also wants the Senate to complete the analysis of other materials before the end of the year. Matters related to economic issues, as the securitization of the debts of the states and the repatriation project, They should have priority in the Senate agenda.

In addition to such matters, Senate President has scored for 9 November to vote on a proposal related to political reform and intends to make a new meeting with the mayor and party leaders in the days 18 e 19 November to discuss other proposals related to the theme.

"No day 9, we will vote the first two points of political reform, who are the barrier clause and the end of proportional coalition. And we are talking to the camera to take initiatives. And then the course will be easier, because it does not have much sense that the Senate approve guidelines of the electoral system that affect the House of Representatives. That is why, It is that the reform had not been, now I think it will go ", said Renan.

Source: Agency Brazil

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