Marcelo Odebrecht resistance almost foundered in snitching Lava Jato

He came into friction with the company's own lawyers and members of the Task Force Lava Jato.
10/10/2016 09h48 - Updated 10/10/2016 09h48
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In denunciation of negotiation meetings award, the businessman Marcelo Odebrecht came into friction with the company's own lawyers and members of the Task Force Lava Jato, and he claimed innocence in various crimes attributed to company executives.

however, at the possibility of seeing buried the award-winning collaboration, eventually admitted direct involvement in crimes, which led prosecutors Federal celebrate the outcome of testimonials.

The moment of greatest tension in negotiations occurred in September, the second of three interviews conducted by prosecutors with the business to define the issues that would be addressed in collaboration.

In addition to Odebrecht and prosecutors, this meeting was attended by the personal advocate it, the former attorney of Luciano Feldens Republic, and the company's lawyers. Feldens was working with the manager in drafting the annexes to the issues of cooperation.

In this interview, initially the entrepreneur said that he had no responsibility for several of established crimes and questioned the fact that the penalty it is not yet being defined. Also just blamed employees for illegal activity.

Already convicted in Lava Jato, he said at the meeting that one of the company's lawyers had said he was negotiating with the task force to him to leave the prison in three months. Prosecutors denied the possibility, which made him angry.

Prosecutors then signaled that that conduct could lead to the whistleblower shipwrecked. They began to say that Marcelo Odebrecht was not contributing in the way expected and, that is why, the contractor was “black ball” -expression used to refer to a candidate for member of a club that has denied entry.

Lawyers for the contractor tried to convince him to change his attitude, which made him even more nervous.

The entrepreneur, So, He began to argue with supporters of their own contractor, generating major constraint. The meeting had to be suspended. The screams were heard from the hallway, second Federal Police officers on site.

When the interview resumed, Odebrecht told prosecutors that he had thought about the future of his family and would cooperate, revealing how they acted in crimes.

After this interview, more a meeting was held in which the manager admitted his participation in crimes. At end, the task force considered the content of Odebrecht reports a great achievement for the Lava Jato.

The entrepreneur, however, depressed returned to incarceration. According to people who live with him in the superintendence of PF, snitching did not do well for the contractor, that was a few days melancholic and quieter.

The themes of informers were set last week and are kept confidential, but the Folha that the entrepreneur delatará transfers made to former ministers Antonio Palocci and Guido Mantega by the company's division dedicated to pay fees, as well as the actions of two former holders of Finance to promote Odebrecht.

Lawyers negotiate when the feathers and benefits of their clients. There is 52 whistle-blowers in the case and the number of employees who will collaborate with the tipoff, but they will not be incriminated by the task force, have surpassed 20.

According to Folha reported, prosecutors want Odebrecht fulfills four years in closed regime. Executives contractor find the exaggerated time.

By professional accounts operating in case, it will still take more 15 trading days of feathers, a half months of testimony from informers, and other 15 days until the terms reach the minister of the Supreme Court Teori Zavascki, responsible for approving the agreement.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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