Seduc held last preparatory aulão for ESMS, with simulated commented

Simulated commented will be broadcast to all state schools in the capital and the interior.
18/10/2016 14h41 - Updated 18/10/2016 14h41
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Completing the preparatory activities for the tests of the National High School Exam (one), which will be held on 5 e 6 from November, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) not promote Saturday, day 22 of October, at 9 am, the last "aulão Enem", which will be marked by the second simulated commented directed to the national examination.

Simulated commented will be broadcast to all state schools in the capital and the interior, via Media Education Center, located on the avenue Waldomiro Lustoza, 350, Japiim neighborhood 2, South Zone of Manaus, (next to the headquarters SEDUC) and with the presence of specialist teachers in the fields of Languages, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Humanities.

simulated, by one of the coordinators, Aldemir Malveira, It aims to assess the level of learning finalist high school students of the state in relation to the content taught throughout the year 2016. "Our proposal is to enhance the understanding of students about the content taught in each curriculum component of high school, based on Enem Reference Matrix, while enhancing the skills and competencies in relation to macro areas required in the examination and were covered in big classes promoted throughout the year ", said Professor Aldemir Malveira.

Simulated in schools

Simulated last directed the Enem will be applied to next Friday (21) in state schools in the capital and the interior, lasting two hours. At the end of the simulated, teachers collect the material, which will be under the direction of school accountability.

no Saturday, day 22, simulated will be delivered to students, so that they can follow the correction, Live, as well as clarify any doubts directly with teachers.

The total simulated correction time will be 80 minutes, and 60 minutes for their comments made by the teachers and the remaining time for the clarification of questions from students.

Simulated will consist of 27 questions, and 9 Languages (Portuguese language, Spanish Language and English Language); 3 Math; 9 of Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) e 6 Human Sciences (History and geography).

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