No quorum, Ceiling PEC will be voted on in the afternoon in the House

The vote was scheduled for 9 am Tuesday (25).
25/10/2016 09h39 - Updated 25/10/2016 13h38
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Without quorum 257 Members need to start discussing and voting on the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC 241), the vote, scheduled for 9 am today (25), it was suspended. The agenda should be put to a vote in the afternoon.

Since the early morning, Michel Temer government allies have intensified talks with lawmakers to reduce resistance to text. A proposal, establishing a ceiling for public spending, It is considered by the Plateau as a key for setting the country's accounts.

The mayor, Rodrigo Maia (PMDB-RJ), who took a prominent role in this effort to the approval of the PEC, he called today (25) opposition MPs for breakfast at the official residence in Brasilia, They attended by Orlando Silva (PC do B- SP), José Guimarães (FOR WHAT), Jandira Fegalli (PCdo B-RJ), Daniel Almeida (PCdoB-BA) e Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP). Members, However, said it PEC 241 not entered on the agenda and the meeting was to discuss procedures of the Special Committee on Political Reform that will be installed in the afternoon.

Last night (24), Maia offered a cocktail, also at his residence, with the participation of President Michel Temer and over 200 Members allies to discuss the PEC 241.

The expectation of the government is to increase the score 366 votes in favor of the proposal, won in the 1st round of voting. Meanwhile, Temer ministers begin already invested with the Senators, which will also analyze the PEC 241, if it is approved in the second round in the House. The government is expected, not Senate, the final vote still occur in the first half of December.

Source: Agency Brazil

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