Semsa said he paid R $ 6,6 thousand salary for vaccinators contracts investigated by MPE

Arthur promised to resign Secretary Semsa if allegations were proven. Five days later Mirana Lion Homer continues in office.
19/10/2016 15h01 - Updated 20/10/2016 09h55
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The support of the Secretary Miranda Lion Homer in front of the Municipal Health (Sems) every day seems more delicate after the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE-AM) reveal that since April this year investigates four contracts signed by the secretariat with companies involved in the gang that stole money from the State Government and Health was disarticulated by the Federal Police in the operation "Evil Ways". One of the contracts with and Gilberto company Souza Aguiar, the company co-owner Silvio Correia Tapajós and CIA LTDA, no amount of R $ 1,7 million reais is 95% more expensive than the same contract held by the city in the previous year.

The MPE-AM revealed that the Health Secretary, Homero Miranda Lion, He responded by saying that paid for vaccinators a salary of R $ 6,6 thousand reais for 33 working days in rabies vaccination campaign. Homer said that for the coordinators of the teams salary was R $ 11,3 one thousand.

O promoter do MPE-AM, Edilson Queiroz, He said in an interview with The Critical Wednesday (19), who asked the Semsa the details of payroll and working hours of persons employed, not only of this agreement, as well as the other three contracts, one of them without bidding, made with the D company Azevedo Flowers – ME, whose partner is David Azevedo Flowers, who was also arrested for operating Bad Paths in September. In total the city paid $ 3,1 million for David Flores Azevedo to provide telephony services to Disk 192 much to combat the mosquito Dengue.

"These two civil investigations are in normal course here in the prosecution, awaiting additional information requested. The first part came in digital media. After we receive the remaining technicians will analyze the prices. We can only say whether or not overprice after technical analysis ", Queiroz said Edilson.

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