Serafim Correa announces support for Marcelo Ramos in the 2nd round

Marcelo adopted five proposals Serafim, including the half-pass at the turnstile and full time Integration.
04/10/2016 18h14 - Updated 5/10/2016 09h08
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The former mayor of Manaus and state deputy Serafim Correa (PSB) announced, on the afternoon of Tuesday (4), the PSB will support the candidate Marcelo Ramos (PR) this second round. The agreement has now been closed in the late afternoon at the headquarters of PSB. Serafim had 113 thousand votes in Manaus and said he decided to support Marcelo because his government program is similar to what they defended throughout the election, and because the candidate has adopted five of its proposals.

“The second round presents us with choices and PSB today announces its choice was based on programmatic principles. The candidacy of Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto, at that time they represent the party defended in elections. That way and guided by principles, after talks with party, We understand and recommend the vote Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto 22”, he said.

according to Serafim, Marcelo candidate also promised to adopt five proposals advocated by him in the campaign: withdraw from the SPC / Serasa 300 thousand overdue taxpayers with property tax, use official propaganda Coat symbol of Manaus Prefecture, Total transparency (all available on the internet), guarantee payment of half pass at the turnstile to students and restore full temporal integration.

Marcelo Ramos was the PSB, and left to run for city council, já que no PSB, the candidate was set Serafim Correa. according to Serafim, the output was no conflict and there was always a lot of respect between the two.

According to Councilman Marcelo Serafim (PSB), son of Serafim, the adoption of the proposals that were the hallmark of Serafim campaign, and similar government plan, were the points that most counted for decision-making. “The pragmatic principles and the government program were the only spots that had. We feel represented if these flags are adopted”, said.

Marcelo Ramos said he received support with love and gratitude. “The PSB is part of my story. It was the party for which disputed the government and could introduce myself as an alternative for the people of the Amazon. The Seraphim was the person who honored me in public life and gave me the chance to show that I am able to take care of public affairs with hard work, probity, efficiency and transparency. Today, I receive with joy and gratitude the support of PSB and my friend Serafim Correa” said.

Ramos also made thanks to Marcelo Serafim councilors and Carlos Portta, so all the militancy of PSB. “This moment is a reunion of people who want the good of Manaus and, together, We build a future CHANGE SAFE and TRANSFORMING! Let the victory in the second round”, finished.

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