Sine Amazonas issues 269 work permits manual in the first week of service

The issuance of work permits manual by Sine of stations across the country was a determination of the Minister of Labour, Ronaldo Nogueira.
17/10/2016 15h34 - Updated 18/10/2016 10h45
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Sine Amazon, body linked to the work of the Secretariat of State (Setrab), issued total 269 work permits manual, both the 1st as the 2nd copy, the first week we started to offer the service to the population of Manaus (from 10 a 14 of October), according to a survey of the Department of Promotion to the Secretary of Labor.

The issuance of work permits manual by Sine of stations throughout the country, at first only this October, It was a determination of the Minister of Labour, Ronaldo Nogueira, because of fluctuations in the online system of the portfolio withdrawal.

No last day 10, Sine the Amazon began to issue manual portfolio, in urgent cases for workers, the central position (located at Avenida Joaquim Nabuco, 919, Center). Because of the national holiday, no dia 12 the post did not work. From day 13, manual labor card has to be issued also in Sine Amazon posts in PACs Compensates, Dawn, St. Joseph and Kapok.

According to the survey, the central position was responsible for issuing 126 manual portfolios within four working days of last week. In the days 13 e 14, Sine the Amazon posts in PACs issued the total of 143 manual portfolios.

The service in the PACs can be done on time if a vacancy. Otherwise, the service is scheduled. In the central station, passwords are distributed. Only for this work permit withdrawal service, are 70 daily passwords.

"We have managed to meet the demand for workers every day who are looking for Sine Amazon services. The orientation of the state governor does not leave the helpless workers in this moment of crisis through which passes the country and consequent loss of thousands of jobs ", highlights the acting secretary of Setrab, Breno Ortiz.

The secretary explained that, according to the determination of the Ministry of Labour itself, workers should try to take the manual labor card only in emergencies, for example, when they have achieved a position in the labor market and need the document for hiring. "In this time of difficulty we have to assist workers in this replacement in the labor market, guaranteed them the basic document ", highlights Breno.

digital wallet
The digital portfolio of work remains usually issued at the central station of Sine Amazon, despite the Ministry of Labour system oscillations (MTb). According to the Department of Promotion at Work Setrab, only within four working days of last week, the central station could deliver a total of 229 digital work permits, the CTPS calls 3.0.

Among the advantages of this system is the fact that the employee does not need to take photo 3×4. The image is scanned at time of document request. Besides that, the system integrates labor information to databases of the Federal Government. A CTPS 3.0 also has new security features that can detect fraud, as inclusion of false data in the wallet, or irregular claims for employment benefits.

For issuance of the 1st copy of the labor card you need to be armed with the following documentation: official document of civil identification containing interested name; data, county and state of birth; filiation; name and number of the document issuing office and date of issue; II – Individual registration (CPF); III – Proof of residence with ZIP code; IV – mandatory verification of marital status through birth certificate (if single) or Marriage (I was married). – with registration, is for or case (was separated, divorced or widowed). V - Foto 3×4, in manual CTPS emission case. For issuance of the 2nd copy of the CTPS, the worker must have still: WE – Evidence to support the anterior number; VII – accident report (in the case of 2nd copy for theft, theft, loss or misplacement) VIII – CTPS destroyed / damaged (in the case of 2nd copy for destruction).

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