SSP-AM launches anti-drug program in Manaus

The project 'Crack: You can win 'will be developed from Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, by presenting large log events with drugs and violence.
04/10/2016 13h34 - Updated 4/10/2016 20h24
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The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) launched on Tuesday, day 4, the project "Crack: You can win ", Federal Government program, with accession of the State, by SSP-AM. The launch and presentation of the program of equipment and vehicles occurred in the parking 30 DIP, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, East of Manaus.

The Amazon has no record of crack seizures, however, according to the Secretary of Public Safety, Sergio Fontes, joining the program aims to combat drugs in general. "The pilot project will begin to be developed in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, one of the East zone of neighborhoods with large log events with drugs and violence in general, and then it can be used in other places as a tool to reduce the use of indexes and drug trafficking, and prevent violence arising from the problematic ", said Secretary.

The program includes a set of actions that aims to increase the supply of health care and attention to drug users, face trafficking and criminal organizations and expand prevention activities. The actions started on 19 September in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood.

The activities are structured on three axes: Authority, Prevention and Care. The first includes the integration of intelligence and cooperation between the Police and the implementation of ostensible policing and operations. The Prevention axis covers lectures in schools, in communities and communication with the public. Already Care shaft provides for the expansion and qualification of the care network health oriented users.

For the specific application program, SSP-AM received some equipment from them: two vehicles, two motorcycles with helmet, and non-lethal weapons.


Besides that, the program has a bus equipped with monitors and signal receivers connected to 20 cameras of the video monitoring system, that are already installed at strategic points in Jorge Teixeira. Agents of the State Security System were trained to work in monitoring information and events.

In Manaus, the program involve, Apart from SSP-AM, the Secretary of State for Justice, Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc), State Social Assistance Secretariat (Seas), State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc) and the Municipal Health (Sems), and other partner agencies who have received training and will act in an integrated manner. The project is not expected to end.

The three axes of the program:
From or day 19 September SSP-AM performs coping operation to drugs and other crimes in Jorge Teixeira. In this period, Operation recorded 8.538 approaches, with seizure 434 motorcycles and 12 cars illegally, two firearms and ammunition, besides the recovery of a motorcycle and two stolen cars. Four people were arrested for illegal possession of firearm.

The actions are developed by the Executive Assistant Secretary for Operations Integras (Seaop), Civil Police and Military Police, with the support of Amazon Traffic Department (DMV-AM).

Around 1,5 thousand people received preventive counseling and use of information and drug trafficking in the period 26 a 28 September school Vasco Vasques, no Jorge Teixeira. The lectures were given by psychologists, educators, delegates and other project partners agents in order to guide students and the community about the implications of drug use for health and safety. The goal is to reach the end of the year 5 thousand people with lectures and training.

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Several social activities were held on Tuesday (04), Parallel to the launch event "Crack project, You can win ". The actions, performed in school Vasco Vasques, contemplated health services, citizenship, social assistance and beautification, facing every community. During the project, Care Axis provides integrated actions that can increase the supply of care and treatment to drug users, as the integration of mental health services (Caps) and therapeutic units to receive and care for drug users, with specific attention to the project.

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