SSP-AM uses online tracking tool to combat strategy to homicides

Second data SSP-AM, January-September the Amazon fell by 25% in homicides.
10/10/2016 17h46 - Updated 10/10/2016 17h48
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The real-time monitoring of events for 24 hours done by the group in Whatsapp, called "Situation Room", together with the strengthening of policing in areas with higher record of crimes made by the Military Police Amazon, the increase in arrests of murderers by the civil police and the optimization of criminal expertise has given prompt response to the crimes registered in Amazonas.

As reported by the Department of Public Safety Amazon (SSP-AM) in press conference, in this Monday (10), strategies and management tools that are being used to reduce homicides in Amazonas, that from January to September fell 25%, They are giving good results.

The press conference took place at SSP-AM, attended the Public Security Secretary of Amazonas, Sergio Fontes, the deputy commander of the Military Police, Colonel Euler Lamb, the assistant chief of the Homicide Squad and Kidnappings, Luiz Rocha, and the director of the Department of Technical and Scientific Police (DPTC), Jeferson Mendes.

The Situation Room, as explained by the Public Security Secretary of Amazonas, Sergio Fontes, It was created last year, for the monitoring of crimes and actions for restraint were made in a more integrated and efficient, through the Security Operations Integrated Center (CIOPS). It brings together all managers and security field technicians.

The Secretary Sergio Fontes also highlighted the actions of each Security System organ, planned for the reduction of homicide crimes to fruition. "Another advantage for the reduction is also the care of health professionals in our state, giving relief and rescue victims of murder attempts ", said Sergio Fontes.

integrated actions with application usage
In this sense, the Military Police has intensified policing in areas of higher homicide rate. Already the Civil Police, through research, It has increased the number of bonds homicidal. This year 2016, they're gone 210 prisons, 20% more than any year 2015. The Department of Technical and Scientific Police (DPTC) also optimized the technical expertise at the crime scene to collect evidence.

In the preventive part, the Fire Department has been active in orientation in places of greater movement of people and monitoring the bars, while the State Traffic Department (DMV) It operates in monitoring and traffic actions.

Second data SSP-AM, January-September the Amazon fell by 25% in homicides, compared to 2015. Were 1.003 murders from January to September last year against 747 this year. The interior had the highest reduction, 41% not complete, while Manaus registered 20% reduction.

The Amazon did not log decrease in homicides since 2004. "We have to move very, but the figures show that we are on track. We are among the 10 states that have reduced more homicides 2016, That has not happened since 2004 and the important thing is that this decline is consistent, so we can account for better results in 2016. ", commented.

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