Susam will take payment from employees of subcontractors who had blocked accounts for Justice

According to Pedro Elias, from now on, the Susam assumes the services provided on the network, since the company accounts are blocked.
13/10/2016 16h59 - Updated 13/10/2016 16h59
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The State Department of Health (Sesame) will take over the management of services provided by companies Salvare, D. Flores, Simea and Total Health units in the state, and the salaries of employees of these contractors, who have had their accounts blocked for Justice. as, which has the backing of the Labour Prosecutor (MPT), Accounts of the Public Ministry (MPC) and State Prosecutor (MPE-AM), It must be confirmed by a Management Adjustment Agreement (TAG), to be signed with the Court of State Auditors (TCE).

"Basically, the state will take advantage of a right that is provided for in Prior Information Law (lei 8666), in practice called temporary occupation. So, he (State) It will make use of human resources of companies, provisionally, while promoting not new hires, to continue working, making the operation of the network and, as it is taking directly to unit management and operation of all services, it will directly compensate people who are working on the edge ", He explained the Attorney General of the State, Clovis Smith Junior Fleet.

Also according to the prosecutor, the agreement also covers unpaid wages by companies. "With regard to the delay period, as there is the subsidiary responsibility of the State and there would be credits to be paid to companies, the state will do based on the combination of these two factors and make payments shooting down of credits to be paid ".

second Smith, the agreement was tailored in hearings that have been held since the day 27 of September, in which the state sought an alternative to ensure the continuity of services provided by companies that are being investigated in court on suspicion of Health Resource deviations. "In fact, we had prior hearings with the Ministry of Labor, Public Accounts Ministry and State Prosecutor, but this is a measure of administrative order that we will now take to the Court in an attempt to establish the TAG ", said Attorney, to emphasize that the measures to ensure payment are already underway.

"The question of the sheet and the temporary occupation of act, which is the act that will legitimize, this has us condition prepare for today (Thursday) still, because this is an act of the health secretary. Now, With regard to TAG it depends a little on processing time by the ECA, but this will not be hindrance to payment measures are taken immediately ".

According to the Health Secretary, Pedro Elias de Souza, the Susam has done a survey of due wages and servers and is preparing spreadsheets to send to the Department of Finance (Sefaz) with the budget request. "Now, we await the decisions we are taking with the PGE and the TEC so that we can, actually, honor the payments of those employees who worked in fact and to prevent any lack of assistance to our patients on the network ".

According to Pedro Elias, from now on, the Susam assumes the services provided on the network, since the company accounts are blocked. The same measure had been taken in relation to health facilities managed by the Social Organization Institutes New Paths - UPA (Emergency care unit) Campos Salles, In Manaus, Addiction Rehabilitation Center Chemical Ismael Abdel Aziz, in Rio Preto da Eva, besides Maternity Celina villacrez Ruiz and UPA of Tabatinga - also under investigation by justice and who Susam suspended the contract.

"We are prevented from doing transfer, so if the unit has no direction, the secretariat must take to prevent patients are left without assistance and can come to death ", said Secretary.

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