TCE-AM celebrates progress made in 66 years of existence

The Amazon Court is preparing to launch the new electronic trial basis, which can generate an accurate statement at the end of each session.
11/10/2016 15h56 - Updated 11/10/2016 15h56
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The Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) reaches the 66 years, not next day 14 of October, celebrating achievements over decades. in 1950, a process for trial took - on average- up to two months, today, after instructed, It can be enjoyed by up to three minutes in the sessions of the Full. Advances in cutting bills will of internal procedures, excluding papers that are, transmission, by satellite, the Modern School of Public Accounts courses, one of the most complete in the country.

Recognized as a pioneer of Auditors in several respects, as in environmental audits and implementation / maintenance of the ISO 9001 for six years in a row, the Amazon Court is preparing to launch the new electronic trial basis, which can generate an accurate statement at the end of each session and is studying the implementation of photovoltaic plates, to convert sunlight into energy, generating more savings.

Comprising almost 900 servers, distributed among the seven offices of counselors, the two auditors and the ten attorneys, beyond the sectors linked to the General Administration Department, the Plenum of the General Secretariat, the External Control Secretariat, the Audit School and the public prosecutor by the TCE, the Amazon Audit Court also advances in the aspect of transparency, keeping updated, to society consultation, all spreadsheets of expenses and income, nominal payrolls, among other data required by the Access to Information Act. O TCE-AM, by the way, maintains a public consultation channel, called Public Information Service (SIP), created in 2012.

Speaking of advances, o presidente do TCE, Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, pointed out that the good situation of Audit court today is the result of the organization and also the good management of his predecessors at the head of the presidency and also the work of members of the collegial. According to him, the achievements are such that, if he were talking to each, I spend all day talking. "For my part, I will do everything possible so that the TCE-AM comes in the top five of the country Audit Courts. Our court is in a growing, gaining the respect and complicity of society, which has helped in the control activity, denouncing. While this presidency, I want to chase the best rates, as well as those before me ", commented.

Modernization and export software
The investment of Audit Court modernization, over the years, It enabled the implementation of a robust data center, able to maintain assets the ECA systems, all created by coach TBI, as electronic trial, E-bills (for sending supplies of monthly and annual accounts for interner), Spede (procedure), and other direct channels with the jurisdictional.

The systems created by the Accounts Court amazonense, by the way, They have already attracted the interest of other audit offices across the country, which have already applied some of their database.

The modernization is also buried the physical processes in the premises of the Court of Accounts. Until the first half of this year, TCE Scan Factory, composed of people with special needs - linked to Amazon Handicapped Association (Adefa) —, It peaked at 3 million digitized documents. Internal documents also already digitally proceed through.

Agility and control
Up with audits in the organs of direct and indirect administration of the State and municipalities, since the TCE-AM technicians have conducted annual inspections in the same year in which they are delivered to the ECA Protocol, the agency has acted swiftly, anticipating the damage, suspend the selection process or contests with errors in notices and, also, bidding processes.

Last June, for example, the state's bidding was suspended for hiring, through price log, company specializing in providing financial education collection - the cost of R $ 26,2 million - for Elementary Education 2, with textbooks, financial education portal, paradidactic materials and teacher training course included in the package.

The same material with millionaire price, curiously, It can be obtained free of charge on the Central Bank website. The restraining order was signed by the presiding monocratically, Ari Moutinho Junior, and attended the representation of the accounts of attorney, Elizângela Marine.

Open to society, the Bar Association and the Public Defender's Office

In addition to the population's access to all data from the Audit Court, last June the Public Defender of the State (DPE) and the Order of Lawyers of Brazil, sectional Amazon (OAB-AM) They won a physical space in the TCE-AM dependencies.

no country unprecedented initiative, the space was christened Legal Complex Alberto Simonetti Cabral Filho and was praised by the national president of the Bar Association of Brazil, Claudio Pacheco Prates Lamachia. Today the space works with two rooms and part of the ECA's policy of transparency and openness of the Audit Court to society.

In the OAB room, lawyers - active and properly registered - have access, in full, to process (reports, reports, Apparently and etc.) that move electronically and physically in the Accounts Court and can even take a copy thereof, ending the procedural bureaucracy.

Already the DPE the room serves as a core of full and free legal assistance, facing people or jurisdictional who do not have resources to pay lawyers who work in processing processes in the TEC, such as retirement and pension.

Social work, inclusion and training
Not only convictions lives TBI-AM, not next full day 14 of October 66 years. Responsible for accounting oversight, financial, budget, operations and property of the State and municipalities, the Audit Court amazonense also performs work for social inclusion and childcare daily, giving opportunities to teenagers at social risk, to high school students, to university and even to people with special needs, properly paid, as required by law, not to mention the didactic-pedagogic work with public managers for proper use of public money and accountability through series of courses organized by the Public Accounts School, which has trained more than 15 thousand people.

Created over 16 years and social inclusion character, the Learning Programme for Young Apprentice, known as "Apprentice", It has contributed to formation of at least 600 teenagers, who were hired through an agreement. Aged 14 e 16 years, teens receive a salary of $ 788 (minimum wage), as allowance, more vouchers and food, and develop theoretical activities at the headquarters of the Association for Cohesive Development of the Amazon (Adcam) and practice in the various sectors of the EC Treaty.

Internship, a socio-educative work
In the offices of counselors, auditors, prosecutors and the various sectors, the ECA has 139 Trainees of the area of ​​law, Accounting, Economy, Librarianship, Social Communication, Management, Engineering and Computing, which have application opportunity and the consolidation of knowledge in the academic course, combined with practical experience in real situations in the work. Until today, but of 800 trainees passed by the Court of Auditors and most of them was invited to continue working on TCE, because of experience.

This year, the number of candidates in the selection process of trainees reached the record of 3,5 thousand students enrolled.

An agreement recently signed with the Technological Education Center of Amazonas (Cetam) absorbed in TEC sectors 27 mid-level trainees, performing complementary stage in their respective areas.

People with disabilities are in the TEC
Giving his contribution to social inclusion, TCE has also opened space for people with special needs. Contracted from a technical cooperation agreement between the ECA and the Amazon Handicap Association (Adefa), a total of 20 disabled employees, between them, 16 deaf, three wheelchair users and interpreter, operating in the ECA Scan Factory.

According to the head sector, Moacyr Miranda Neto, the importance of the sector goes beyond environmental issues and speed, since the scanning factory is a door that opens to the ECA social inclusion. "They are hired by Adefa, through a partnership with the ECA. Just be registered in the entity, be of age, have completed high school and have basic computer skills that may prove to be our official ", highlighted.

Through the partnership agreement, or TCE examines R $ ADEFO 36 thousand per month to be transferred as wages to employees, receiving R $ 1.280,00 a R$ 2 one thousand, vale-transport, wage-feeding, and they are assisted by the medical service, dental and social TEC.

Member of the Control Network
In addition to all the constitutional powers and the accompaniments of work of public bodies, Amazon Court of Auditors member of the Network of Public Management Network Control in the Amazon, created in 2015 to coordinate actions against diversions and misuse of public money. The eight bodies of the network exchange information with each other.

No Amazon, the Network Control contributed, for example, with the completion of Operation Cauxi, triggered in Iranduba last year, which dismantled a criminal organization installed in the municipal executive.

The bodies of the network - TCE-AM, Attorney General of the Union, Federal Public Ministry, Comptroller General of the Union, Federal Police and the State of Amazonas prosecutors, Attorney General's Office - monthly held a meeting.

Pursuant to determining the Supplementary Law 135 from 2010, known as Clean Record Law and also because of the Control Network, TCE-AM has made available mensamente, to society of knowledge, the list with the names of public officials who had reproved the accounts by the collegiate. The provision of the listing was praised and copied by other TCEs.

There are many advances and achievements over these 66 years of existence and service to the Amazonian society.

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