TCE-AM notifies AFEAM by withholding information

Evandor Geber Son, It has a term of 15 days to provide a list of individuals and companies that have contracts for loans with regular payments.
05/10/2016 09h48 - Updated 5/10/2016 09h48
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Under penalty of fine, President of the State of Amazonas Court (TCE-AM), Junior advisor Ari Moutinho, granted yesterday (4), for injunctive, a deadline 15 days to the CEO of the State of Amazonas Development Agency (Afeam), Evandor Geber Son, to provide a list of individuals and companies that have contracts for loans with regular payments by the AFEAM; the list of defaulters, indicating the initial term and the value of each pact, addition to the measures adopted by the agency to review their claims and the amount of credits already prescribed, since the beginning of the agency's activities.

The monocratic decision is the result of Representation No. 138 the public prosecutor by the TCE-AM, signed by the Attorney General of Accounts, Carlos Alberto Almeida, who reported to the president that AFEAM refused to pass on information to the MPC after receiving two Requisitórios Crafts organ, in February and May this year, on the grounds that the matter is protected by the secrecy provided by Complementary Law 105/2001, that prevents the disclosure of the operations of financial institutions without judicial authorization.

To justify the application for injunction, MPC argued that AFEAM is an economic and social development agency and not common private institution, that lends public resources, that is why, subject to external control effected by TEC-AM and MPC, as well as the guiding principles of the Public Administration, in article 37, the Federal Constitution 1988, especially morality and advertising, requiring transparent management for effective control of public resources.

According to the MPC found, the AFEAM would be granting massive borrowings, beyond the region of R $ 100 millions. Many of these loans were not being repaid, which can cause a hole to public coffers.

By signing the order and grant term 15 days the manager, Ari Moutinho Junior advisor stressed that the lack of transparency of AFEAM should "cause damage difficult to repair and uncertain state of Amazonas, already through serious economic crisis ".

In injunctive, the presiding director ordered the immediate notification Evandor Geber Son, CEO of AFEAM, for, wanting, present defense reasons and production of possibly applicable evidence. In the same order, asked the TEC Plenum of the Secretariat to inform the prosecutor State of Amazonas about the problem, for what, within its constitutional powers, may adopt the measures it considered necessary against the manager.

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