TCE-AM will investigate R $ contracts 67, 5 million signed by the Secretary of State for Culture

Para o MPC, There abusive outsourcing evidence in the management contracts between the SEC and the AADC.
06/10/2016 14h57 - Updated 6/10/2016 14h57
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The prosecutor Amazon Accounts (MPC-AM) He joined with eight offices in the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) so that the ECA narrow down management contracts, totaling R $ 67,5 millions, signed by a Secretary of State for Culture (SEC) and Amazonense Agency for Cultural Development (AADC) for execution of activities this year.

Representations were signed by Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça. According to him, both the contractual instrument as its work plan of the agreements "appear to be without the necessary level of precision with regard to detail and content, and the award and execution criteria".

Among the contracts are the 001/2016, no amount of R $ 31,2 millions; 005/2016, no amount of R $ 11,6 millions; e o 003/2016, no amount of R $ 8,2 millions. According to the attorney bills, in the Management Agreement 001/2016 R $ 31,2 million aims to outsourced management of artistic bodies, administrative and students, who work in the implementation of state cultural policy.

"It is evident evidence and suspicion of possible outsourcing object of abuse, via management contract, because, mode not motivated, it did include spreadsheet expenses not only the cost of salaries and scholarships, but also quantitative for administrative staff salaries, acquisition of consumer and expedient materials, permanent material, buy tickets, accommodation, various locations that should be the subject of direct action of the Secretariat ", said Attorney Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

For the proxy accounts, the amount spent "seems excessive in the current scenario of revenue loss and economic crisis and therefore need to prioritize public policies linked to fundamental rights to health and education".

According to the representation 144/2016, the Management Agreement 005/16 signed between SEC and to AADC, no amount of R $ 11,6 millions, It aims to management, promotion and dissemination of projects and cultural and artistic programs. "The work plan in no way defines the projects that public funds will be invested totaling R $ 11 millions, approximately, for implementation of activities between January and December 2016. ", said Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

The prosecutor informed the TCE-AM that there is evidence of abusive outsourcing in all management contracts between the SEC and the AADC and asked the court to narrow the fact is no escape from the planning duty and bidding by the Secretariat.

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