Temer defends collective health programs as a way of bringing Brics

President visits Japan and meets with business leaders and investors.
18/10/2016 11h50 - Updated 18/10/2016 11h50
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President Michel Temer said today (18), during a visit to Japan, I am satisfied with the way other heads of state have welcomed their proposals, particularly in the BRICs, group formed by Brazil, the Russia, India, China and South Africa. Without going into detail on the proposals, Temer said, as a way of bringing people together the Brics, the collective adoption of health programs the like.

Regarding domestic policy, He said the allegations against the Minister of Odebrecht Geddel Vieira Lima, Government Secretariat, Moreira Franco, Executive Secretary of the Investment Partnership Program, and Romero Juca, presidents do PMDB, They need to consolidate. “If one day consolidate, the government will see what to do”.

Asked about how other leaders have seen their government, Temer said he believed see positively. "I would be a bit pretentious [say it], but I think they see with sympathy. Frankly, in all meetings that I was noticed that there were very welcoming, peace and understanding of the words that I say ", said the Brazilian president to arrive in Japan.

"At a dinner we were the Brics, I raised the issue of bringing people block. I mentioned that one of the reasons that could bring peoples would be if we had based health programs assimilated. The India, for example, has, on remedies, much progress. Interesting as it was very well received and even demonstration object of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, when we did the second plenary session of the Brics. He started saying 'look, as said my Brazilian colleague…’ and there was just this line ", he said.


In Japan, Temer will meet with Emperor Akihito the, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese business leaders and investors of both countries. "We want to bring the idea of ​​partnership Brazil and Japan. Not only bring new Japanese investment to Brazil, but also expand Japanese investment already verified ", said Temer.

The example of what has made during meetings with other authorities, Brazilian President cited the concessions being planned by his government in the infrastructure sector, especially in oil and gas.

"We have been promoting changes in the legislative issue of oil and gas, exactly and precisely to encourage such investments. We came also bring the news that we have absolute legal certainty in all contracts that settle in our country. we therefore, to bring foreign investment, preserve contracts, give legal certainty and reveal, also with our travels, the fullness of institutional stability. We passed some politically difficult times, but that will little by little pacifying ", he added.

lava Jato

The Chair reports published last weekend in the press, that three articulators of his government - Geddel Vieira Lima, Moreira Franco and Senator Romero Juca (PMDB-RR) - Have received benefits of Odebrecht, contractor being investigated by Operation Lava Jato.

"You know what happens? The involvement of names was given, face it, for a while, by a single claim, by an assertion. It is necessary that these things be consolidated. If one day consolidate, the government will see what to do”.

Source: Agency Brazil

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