Teori denies Lula feature, but criticizes prosecutors and "spectacle"

For or minister, the MPF stance was not compatible with the seriousness required of the organ.
05/10/2016 09h22 - Updated 5/10/2016 09h22
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The minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), He criticized yesterday (4) the actions of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) on the day the complaint was lodged against former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. During the session of the Second Supreme Court Panel, that Lula has tried a defense resource, Teori considered that there was "spectacle" in the episode.

"We all had the opportunity to check a media spectacle with strong disclosure that was made there in Curitiba, not with the participation of the judge, but the Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Police. If given news about criminal organization putting President Lula as the leader of this criminal organization giving the impression, sim, that it would be investigating this criminal organization. But what was the complaint of the offering of the object, actually, It was nothing like that ", said Teori Zavascki.

For or minister, the MPF stance was not compatible with the seriousness required of the organ. "There was this mismatch. This spectacle of the episode is not compatible either with what was denunciation of the object does not seem compatible with the seriousness that is required in the determination of these facts ".

While criticizing the MPF's actions, the minister denied the appeal of the defense of former President. The vote of the rapporteur was accompanied by other members of the class. Last month, Zavascki had denied the request made by Lula's defense for that investigations were suspended against him that are in Curitiba, with the federal judge Sergio Moro, Federal do Paraná Justice, and that the actions were sent to the Supreme.

Despite the decision monocratic, Teori decided to take the case to review the Second Panel.

The defense questions the competence of Moro to conduct three investigations against former president during Operation Lava Jet and claims that the investigated facts are the same as determined by the Supreme Court in another investigation against Lula.

the Theory, many of the actions related to Operation Lava Jato are related to one of the surveys processed by the Court. The minister also recalled that the Supreme Court determined that only tramitariam in court actions of people with privileged forum.

"If done since the beginning of this investigation Lava Jato, Clear, to stay here only that which relates primarily to people with forum prerogative and, as far as possible, It is what you are doing ", these Theory.

Source: Agency Brazil

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