Ends calculation of votes in Manaus. Check the placement of each candidate

Silas House ranked third, followed by José Ricardo.
02/10/2016 20h31 - Updated 3/10/2016 09h51
Photo: AM POST

Elections Sunday (2), In Manaus, They ended at 19:45. No next day 30 October happens in the capital of Amazonas the second round to decide who will be the next chief executive, between or candidate Marcelo Ramos (PR) and the current mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB).

Check the vote for candidate:

1- Arthur Neto (PSDB): 364.485 thousand votes (35,17%)
2- Marcelo Ramos (PR): 257.689 thousand votes (24,86%)
3- Silas House (PRB): 115.768 thousand votes (11,17%)
4- Jose Ricardo (PT): 113.936 thousand votes (10,99%)
5- Sefarim Corrêa (PSB): 113,052 thousand votes (10,91%)
6- Hissa Abraham (PDT): 27.506 thousand votes (2,05%)
7- Luiz Castro (NETWORK): 20.290 thousand votes (1,96%)
8- Henrique Oliveira (SDD): 16.825 thousand votes (1,92%)
9- Professor Queiroz (PSOL): 6.841 thousand votes (0,66%)

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