Term cooperation between Sefaz, PGE and MP-AM reinforces combat tax crimes in the Amazon

A working group was formed with one representative from each agency involved.
19/10/2016 14h01 - Updated 19/10/2016 14h01
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The investigation, combat and collection of taxes evaded in criminal actions will gain agility and greater power of action with the signing of the technical cooperation agreement signed on Wednesday (day 19), between the Department of Finance (Sefaz-AM), Attorney General of the State (Intoxicated) and prosecutors Amazonas State (MP-AM).

With this measure, highlighted by the Court of Attorney General, Fabio Monteiro, as a firm of Amazonas Government's willingness to intensify the fight against tax evasion and other crimes stemming from the company shares, for example, facade, a working group was formed with one representative from each agency involved.

"With this cooperation, we are improving the control mechanisms, to obtain greater tax justice, fighting those who want to use the tax as a competitive advantage in a criminal way ", said the secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, who signed the term together with the prosecutor Fabio Monteiro and the Attorney General of the State (Intoxicated), Heloysa Simonetti.

The Secretary of Finance informs that approximately R $ 2 billion in tax debts are entered in the active state debt, for collection by PGE. From now on, Afonso explains Wolf, the body not only collect the amounts due, as well as submit to the MPE cases with offenses of evidence to be filed criminally.

The prosecutor Heloysa explains that the partnership more closely with the MPE will make this more efficient collection. "This greater synergy has always been a desire our, for us to act more intensively to combat tax evasion ", highlights procurator.

Greater power research
The Attorney General of Justice, Fabio Monteiro, He pointed out that the role of the MPE is to expand the power of investigation in cases of tax crimes evidence, once the body, in the course of criminal proceedings, You can claim the break, for example, fiscal and telephone secrecy of the investigation.

"In so many cases, is not only the tax due to be taken to the State. There are situations where public companies with the same CPF or simply have closed activities not to collect taxes also hide other crimes. They are often used front companies to launder money derived from drug trafficking, among other illegal activities ", stands or solicitor.

The Secretary of Finance points out that the partnership Sefaz with PGE has already resulted in significant recovery of tax debts to the public purse. In 2015, reports Afonso Lobo, the work of PGE enabled the rescue of about R $ 115 millions.

This year, making use of Complementary Law 152/2015, the Government of the Amazon was able to access approximately R $ 350 million in escrow deposits. Are amounts owed to the State, but they continue to be questioned in court by debtors, fined in enforcement actions and fiscal intelligence Sefaz.

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