Supporters guarantee tickets to the main national volleyball event, In Manaus

Wasting no time, fans of the sport began lining up early on the front of the box office.
19/10/2016 15h25 - Updated 19/10/2016 19h50
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Manaus first get the main national volleyball event, Feminine Superliga. no day 11 from November, Saint Kitts Health / São Caetano (SP) x dentil / Beach Club (MG) They come into play in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira, at 20h, in Flores neighborhood, Centro-Sul, and the duel tickets went on sale on Wednesday, day 19. Wasting no time, fans of the sport began lining up early on the front of the box office, everything not to lose the sports stars on the court.

of ticket sales started 9 am, but since at 7:30 am, Attila Suzukai, from 25 years, I was already in the Arena, It is first in line. The passion for sport, However, It has explanation. The resident of the neighborhood Alvorada plays volleyball ago 13 years and is currently the referee Amazonense Volleyball Federation (FAV). "I woke up early to be here, no longer take any more with anxiety, I'll make an old dream of watching a high level of play, where I'll be rooting for Beach Club. I will be able to closely see my two idols, which are Fabiana Pinheiro and Alix Klineman. I am very happy and also was the first to buy ", reported Attila, who opted for VIP area.

Another who was also one of the first to arrive at the box office was Paulo Augusto, 29, who gave up an already planned commitment to secure tickets for the whole family. "In my family everyone likes volleyball, especially after the Olympics, when we did not lose a game on TV. I bought five tickets for my two aunts and two cousins. Now that we have the opportunity to see a close game will be more exciting ", said.

In Manaus, the event has the support of Amazonense Volleyball Federation (FAV) and Government of Amazonas. Chief Negotiator Superliga, the head of the Secretariat of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima, He said that the total load of tickets for sale is 10 thousand and advises obtaining as soon as possible. "We were expecting a great demand, but I confess I was surprised by the queue that formed early. Before opening the box office, we had over 50 people and all day the search was intense. I'm sure the evening will be even bigger and maybe the tickets sell out fast. That is why, It is good to get right ", he said Lima.

Third Age
The elderly impressed by the amount at the box office. Many 'grandmas and grandpas' showed happy acquired tickets. One was Dorothea Aries, 63, who came with her friend Flavia Marone, 69, buy the ticket of the lower stands. second they, the closer the players, best.

"We are very excited about this game in Manaus. A great happiness be able to watch a match this in our city. We love volleyball and basketball and have the Superliga here is a dream ", said gives Doroteia, that despite having the right to half price, He made sure to take a kilo of. "I did not bring food, but I know that the action will help a lot of people and I am acting with the heart. I made sure ".

Retired Flavia Morone said the excitement is so, they confirm in advance the trip to Saint Kitts Health / São Caetano (SP) x-Rexona SESC (RJ), What happens day 3 February 2017, In Manaus. "If had, I already wanted to buy a ticket today the departure of Rexona, because we were anxious, after all, Bernardinho will be here. however, we wait with love and enjoy every moment ", said.

Tickets for Superliga are being sold only at the box office of the Arena Amadeu Teixeira (Flores), from 9h to 18h, on weekdays and Saturdays.

Tickets for the November game, between São Caetano x Beach Club, It has unique value of R $ 30 (upper deck), R$50 (lower stands), R$100 (vip area).

The values ​​correspond to the already half-entry beneficiaries (elderly, third Age, students, PCDs) and the general public by 1 kg of non-perishable food. Those who at the time of purchase does not present the food, pay full.

Tickets can be purchased in cash or credit card.

Tickets for São Caetano x Rexona, starting February, They will be announced later.

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