UEA applies evidence of SIS and Vestibular from Saturday (22)

In this year, They are entered in the SIS 36.432 candidates and Vestibular 43.850 people, totalizing 80.282 subscribers.
19/10/2016 09h46 - Updated 19/10/2016 09h46
Photo: Joelma Sanmelo / UEA

The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) informs that the evidence of Ticket Series System (SIS) and Vestibular be held, in this Saturday, day 22, not Sunday, day 23 It's Monday, day 24 (holiday for the birthday Manaus). In this year, They are entered in the SIS 36.432 candidates and Vestibular 43.850 people, totalizing 80.282 subscribers.

Applicants should be aware of the closing time of gates (12h50 – Time Manaus) and not to forget the original identification document (which may be the Identity, the Driver's License, the passport, Certificate of Reservist, for men; the Work Permit, or functional portfolios issued by public body). The tests start at 13h (Time Manaus).

candidate identification cards with the local tests are available on the website of UEA (www.uea.edu.br), from o dia 30 of September, the Vestibular links and SIS.

Sabatistas – Applicants, as notice, declare sabbatarians conduct the tests after the setting of the sun on Saturday, day 22. However, should enter the test room also at the same time that the other candidates, until 12:50 (time Manaus), must remain in the test site to the top of it, isolated and incommunicado, in an appropriate place. In Manaus, the evidence for sabbatarians take place in the School of Technology (EAST), located Avenue Darcy Vargas, No. 1200, Park neighborhood Ten November, Central South zone of Manaus.

Jobs – altogether, 3.272 vacancies are offered to the 30 courses starting in 2017. For college entrance, they are offered 1.950 vacancies, and 92 vacancies for indigenous. But the SIS notice has 1.322 vacancies, and 83 vacancies for indigenous. the busiest courses: Medicine, Right, Management, Nursing and Physical Education.

jigs – Jigs evidence of the SIS and Vestibular General Knowledge will be released from 20h Sunday (23). On Monday (24), the templates will be released from the specific knowledge tests. The templates will be available on the website of UEA (www.uea.edu.br).

Result – The final ranking of candidates will be announced on the day 21 de novembro no portal da UEA (www.uea.edu.br. The call for the registration of candidates will be held classified by UEA, respect for rules to be established, from 21 January for courses starting in the first half of 2017 IS in the day 20 April 2017 for courses starting in the second half of 2017.

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