UEA inaugurates the Center for Research and Development of the School of Health Sciences

The center is the first result of a technical and scientific cooperation project of UEA, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) e Samsung Electronics.
06/10/2016 08h37 - Updated 6/10/2016 13h33
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develop research, technologies and help health professionals inside the Amazon. These are some of the objectives of the Center for Research and Development of the School of Health of the University of the State of Amazonas Sciences (UNA-SUS Amazon) opened on Wednesday (5). The center is the first result of a technical and scientific cooperation project between University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) e Samsung Electronics. The center is located in the School of Health Sciences at UEA (THAT), Avenida Carvalho Leal, 1777 - Cachoeirinha.

"It's a modern laboratory in which new communication and information technologies will be available to develop projects, software and bring knowledge to communities and family health teams within the Amazonas ", He emphasized the Rector of the UAS, Cleinaldo Costa.

UNA-SUS Amazon uses the proceeds from the South Korean multinational focused on Research and Development (P&D). Vice President for New Business at Samsung, Benjamin Sicsú, It emphasizes that the company also has a commitment to sustainable development of the Amazon. "The partnership with UEA is precisely to create a series of projects to improve the quality and training. We have the Samsung Ocean and today inaugurated the Research Center to develop knowledge and, like this, improve the quality of public service ", exemplified.

The Research and Development Center of the School of Health Sciences of the University of the State of Amazonas (UNA-SUS Amazon) It is coordinated by professors Waldeyde Magalhaes and Vinicius de Oliveira Araújo. The technical coordinator of the A-SUS Amazon, Vinicius Oliveira, It explains how to work the Research Center. "The courses that are offered to health professionals may be taken through tablets and mobile phones to the field, like the interior of Amazonas ", reported.

About Research Center

The center's mission is the development of educational technology solutions that enable the permanent guidance of health professionals, overcoming the barrier to reach remote areas, vulnerable, difficult to access and where there is no broadband internet access. In this case, access to information will be through the application use on smartphones or tablets, that can function even without continuous connection to the web.

UNA-SUS Amazon has its own environment, based on a modern concept of architecture that includes an auditorium, administrative area and room for the team of Information Technology (TI) which will develop and provide all the support with respect to systems, products and content generated. A scientific production hall was also built on the site so that students involved in the project can, under the supervision of a teacher, participate in the organization and preparation of scientific articles.

O plane P&D Samsung contemplates the development of projects that explore the potential of technologies embedded in mobile devices such as education platform. These projects involve organizing tools and distribution of customized content and offer a virtual interactive environment. Thus, UNA-SUS Amazon program is just one of several initiatives in this area of ​​knowledge as important countries and developing regions.


The System Open University of SUS (UNA-SUS) It was created by the Ministry of Health 2010 to meet the needs of training and continuing education of health professionals working in the NHS.
The system consists of three elements: the collaborative network of higher education institutions, which currently has 35 higher education institutions, the Educational Resource Collection on Health (ARES) and Arouca Platform.

One of the UNA-SUS goals is the permanent education, aimed at solving current problems in the daily lives of health professionals working in the NHS. For this, the courses offered by the network have a practical focus and dynamic, using common clinical cases.

All courses are entirely free and the type of education the distance was chosen to facilitate the access of health professionals to courses, which have different levels of academic training and can be easily accessed.

The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) UNA-SUS integrates or from 2014, going to have access to methods and technologies developed by the System. UEA has notorious recognition in telehealth because of successful experience in the Telehealth Program Brazil, and has very favorable conditions to develop research activities and development of telehealth applications, and perform the tests for continuous improvement of the solution, Because of the connectivity features of the Amazon region and the decentralization of its campuses.

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