Councillors asked CPI to investigate Arthur's contract with the company's operation "Bad Paths"

The Board should investigate the reasons Mayor Arthur Neto to hire the company of a gangster with bidding waiver.
10/10/2016 17h12 - Updated 10/10/2016 17h14
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There have been obtained three of 14 signatures required to open a parliamentary inquiry (CPI) the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) in order to investigate the company's contract "D Azevedo Flowers" with Artur Neto Prefecture (PSDB), no amount of R $ 1,1 million, concluded with the Municipal Health with bidding waiver, to carry out telemarketing services SAMU and combating Zika Virus. The request for CPI is the PT councilors, Professor Bibiano, Rose Matos and Jose Waldemir.

According to the justification of the request for CPI, the House should investigate the reasons Mayor Arthur Neto to hire the company of a gangster with bidding waiver taking advantage of an Emergency Decree and also for services as diverse as telemarketing and combating zika virus.

What draws attention of council members is that the company "D Azevedo Flores" belongs to David Azevedo Flowers, one of those arrested by the feds for being part of a gang that turned over R $ 200 million Amazonas Government health resources, having as head doctor Mohamed Mustafa, which is also trapped in the Federal Police.

According to Councilman Bibiano information from city hall that terminated the contract with the company is false because until Monday (10), no publication in the official gazette of the municipality was made with the cancellation of the contract. And even if the contract has been canceled, research is needed to see if the services were actually performed and if there was misappropriation of resources as in the Government of Amazons. Bibiano said the municipality should explain the company as the company received money, as received, as invested and what benefits have been generated to the population of Manaus

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