Wilker Barreto says that House has always been open to discussing plans for jobs and wages to civil servants

In Tribune speech, Wilker said that the CMM was sympathetic to all classes of the civil service.
25/10/2016 15h44 - Updated 25/10/2016 18h13

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Wilker Barreto (PHS), in Tribune speech, early on Tuesday (25), It ensured that the Municipal Legislature has always partner and sensitive to the cause of civil servants discussing plans for jobs and wages with responsibility.

Wilker Barreto made the place to comment on the situation of the servers of Administrative Law Regime (RDAs), that the administration of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) They were kept in the public administration, with the signing of a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) by the Justice.

According to Barreto, the Constitution is clear when he says that civil servants only have stability through public tender. "The plans of a public official must be realistic, with feasible proposals ", he said.

The president stressed that the Board was sympathetic to the class teacher, of health, the RDAs and any other of the other classes of the civil service. "When the claims came to the plenary either party flags were saved. No dilatory measures to harm anyone ", said.

Wilker Barreto was keen to point out that the issue of RDAs, Manaus Prefecture had to go to court to ensure the rights of servers and managed injunction. "It's House discussed this issue long before the injunction and made an amendment to the Organic Law of the Municipality of Manaus (Loman), which was approved. Because of her, the RDAs are today with their job posts ", he argued.

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