Wilker Barreto criticizes councilors for attempting to tarnish the image Municipal Parliament

Opposition councilors ask introduction of CPI to investigate contract termination at the City Hall with the company involved in the operation 'Evil Ways'.
17/10/2016 15h42 - Updated 18/10/2016 10h44

The Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), He criticized, on the morning of Monday (17), the tribune of the Municipal Legislature, the initiative of the opposition councilors requesting establishment of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) to investigate contract termination at the City Hall with the company involved in the operation 'Evil Ways'.

for Wilker, CPI does not thrive in the House because it has no concrete fact. "The Bad Roads is not in City Hall. And I have no joy in saying that the state has recourse bypass an area that kills people, which is health, denounced by Fantastic, Globo. There is a political position PT, but I, as chairman of the House, I have to comply with the Rules. There is no concrete fact being investigated and will not allow this House has the image denigrated ", he said.

The president explained that the Federal Police is a hundred times better equipped than the House to proceed in such investigations and, if it had indications of irregularities in the contract that company with the city, I had already discovered. "No one has the power to stop the Federal Police, the Justice. We live in new times, fresh air. I will always allow you to do the great political debate, but it is up to me care for our law, by our Bylaws and the Loman (Organic Law of the Municipality)”, said Barreto, to ensure that by the end of his term will lead the great debates in the House.

Wilker Barreto added that the city's contract with the company engaged in "Bad Paths" in state health (D. Azevedo Flowers) it's from 2014, and when they did the bidding nothing contained in documents, CPF and CNPJ this company. "If I had evidence, the same CPF, and the city was involved, as it is clearly involved in the State, They have not already done expertise?”, He questioned President, to ensure that the mayor so he knew the company's involvement in the operation, broke the contract. "We have to mature political, would be", he added, by stating that the secretary of municipal health, Homero de Miranda Neto Lion, He is a man who has a history in public administration, It is quiet and serene and will process the slanderers for moral damages.

As defended President, no one in the House is conniving with corruption. "The Bad Ways operation is a sadness for the state. What we must do is to support institutions, so that the investigations do not get stone unturned ", said.

After the councilors José Waldemir (author of the proposed ICC) e Professor Bibiano, Both PT, defend research, allied base councilors were the rostrum to defend the municipal government.

Leader of the mayor in the Legislature, Councilman Elias Emanuel (PSDB) considered irresponsible and criminal distorted news coming out about the complaint in health. The councilman also stressed that the city has all its available public acts and, at any time, He was cited nor investigated by the Federal Police. "Homero de Miranda Neto Lion makes a correct management and without any complaint in its path ahead of Semsa", said, read the note from the mayor of Manaus, published on your facebook.

Councillor Marcel Alexandre (PMDB) also spoke out against the CPI, because output termination of the mouth of a candidate for City Hall. According to him, Secretary of Semsa (Municipal Health) already defended a cowardly act.

The vice president of the Legislative House, Councilman Hiram Nicholas (PSD), believes are taking advantage of the inherent behavior and intentions of the opposition for electoral purposes, shady and dark. "To what extent we. The secretary Homero today (Homer Lion Neto) It has an unblemished reputation, is a coherent administration, no complaints or spots, and a candidate, in double with a newspaper wants to guide the city. If any councilor me prove that the Federal Police have less structure and know-how that the Chamber to investigate this alleged crime, CPI sign this time ", secured.

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