Wilker Barreto highlights maintenance of quorum in the House throughout the electoral period

The President of the CMM stressed that throughout the election period, 1Th e 2nd innings, the Legislature held all sessions.
26/10/2016 14h16 - Updated 26/10/2016 14h16

At the last plenary session this week, on the morning of Wednesday (26), the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), stressed that, throughout the election period, 1Th e 2nd innings, the Legislature held all sessions, with quorum maintenance, in addition to other activities of the Chamber.

“We do not fail to make any plenary, and kept the other activities in day. If looking in the Proceedings of the House, this is the first time it happens, showing the commitment of the city council with the city of Manaus ", highlighted. Since starting the electoral process, no dia 16 August until this fourth, before the election in the second round, were realized 28 ordinary sessions in the House.

At the plenary session of Wednesday, the president of CMM added that, next Monday (31), Messages Executive will deliberate No. 024 e 025/2016, that deal with the Bills, that estimates revenue and fixes the Manaus City of expenditure for the financial year 2017 (LOA) and which provides for the Multi-Year Plan (PPA).

“We will decide next Monday, give the regimental deadline for submitting amendments, and I believe that until the last week in November we vote”, said the parliamentary.

According to Executive Message on the Annual Budget Law of 2017, revenue is estimated at R $ 4,1 billion - 0,47% less than the forecast of the Budget Law 2016 - Considering the fiscal budget and social security.

Wilker Barreto also asked the population, this last session before the election, serenity to choose what is best for the city in municipal elections in 2nd round, which takes place this Sunday.

“That voters go to the polls consciously, with the heart unpolluted and untainted, to elect what is best for our city. I wish all serenity population to choose, the political class and maturity to the media responsibility, because we are talking about our dear Manaus”, he said.

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