Vendors enjoy holiday in Manaus to make money

Most sells water, flores, candles, snacks and took the time to get extra money.
02/11/2016 14h55 - Updated 3/11/2016 14h28
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Street vendors began to occupy the vicinity of cemeteries since the weekend. Most sells water, flores, candles and snacks and took the time to get extra money. This is the case of Graciele Marques, who is unemployed. "Since Sunday painted the opportunity and come to win that extra. 're Working very well, despite the sun. There is water and soda to freshen. The personal purchase real quick ".

The cleanup actions in cemeteries were stepped up in recent weeks to get the population and about 100 servers will work all day in these places. Undersecretary for the Management of Public Cleaning Department (Semulsp), Eisenhower Campos, asks that people be careful with the use of candles. "Remember the risk of urban fires. We always ask the person to change this homage to light candle, by a flower or a prayer. Fire hazards are imminent because the weather is very dry. Our concern and alert is for people to be careful when lighting candle to cause no accident ", said Undersecretary.

The undersecretary said, immediately after the close of the visitation, near 200 agents will act in the surrounding clean and the interior of cemeteries.

Source: Agency Brazil

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