Artur Neto spent more than it received for campaign, mostra site do TSE

The campaign of the re-elected mayor of Manaus hired expenses that are almost twice the amount received through donations.
05/11/2016 14h59 - Updated 6/11/2016 15h42
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The re-elected mayor of Manaus Artur Neto (PSDB) It appears in the Electoral Court website (TSE) expenses contracted in the amount of more than R $ 6,03 million and that he had received R $ 3,31 million to carry out his campaign - a difference of more than R $ 2,7 millions.

All nine candidates entered the race for the Manaus city this year, Arthur is the only one that has higher expenses than your income.


In the national ranking campaign deficit, Artur Neto, It is the second largest in the country with rhombus accountability second only to Geraldo Julio (PSB), who was re-elected mayor of Recife (ON) with a difference of more than R $ 2,84 million between spending and resources, second article published on the site Econômico.


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