Babies of infected mothers Zika will be followed until the 3 years

In addition to the head as, main criterion for notification of microcephaly, other malformations resulting from infection will be investigated.
18/11/2016 13h33 - Updated 18/11/2016 13h33
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From now on, Babies whose mothers were infected by Zika virus during pregnancy, even if no symptoms at birth, They will be accompanied by the 3 years old. In addition to the head as, main criterion for notification of microcephaly, other malformations resulting from infection will be investigated. The changes were announced today (18) the Ministry of Health.

for pregnant, the ultrasound recommendation for prenatal care increased for two, in an attempt to identify neurological disorders through the pregnancy. In addition to the examination in the first quarter, it happens to be repeated around the seventh month of pregnancy. The transfers for this care, the ministry, will amount to R $ 52,6 millions.

A year emergency
The measures were announced after one year the national emergency declaration due to the increase of cases of microcephaly and registered in Brazil, according to the government, meet the latest scientific evidence on the effects of infection in the baby Zika training during pregnancy.

"It was a year of learning and knowledge accumulation. The Brazil accumulates 25% of all knowledge, the research carried out around the world ", assessed the Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros. He recalled that, besides microcephaly, malformations were identified as problems in vision, the hearing or limbs. Changes can be observed over the first three years of a child's life.

The ministry also announced that, the classification made during the reporting cases related anomalies Zika, besides confirming, of discards and probable identifications, It will be incorporated into the case inconclusive because of undefined laboratory results and investigation of cases of refusal.

More recent data point folder 11.119 microcephaly notifications across the country since November last year, being that 60% They were registered in the Northeast. Do total, 2.143 cases were confirmed to microcephaly associated Zika – 78% them in the Northeast.

According to the ministry, rehabilitation network linked to the Unified Health System (THEIR) currently has 1.541 services, and 147 Centres of Expertise in Rehabilitation (They are working with early stimulation and rehabilitation of babies), 4.375 Health Support Centers and Family 2.338 Psychosocial Support Centers.

The prediction is that the folder, until December, are enabled new services in the following municipalities: Alcantara, Davinópolis, St. Louis and Caxias, in Maranhão; Well Redondo and São Miguel do Aleixo, Sergipe; Pau Brazil, Barriers and Camaçari, in Bahia; Mage and St. Johns Wood, in Rio de Janeiro; Conde and Campina Grande, in Paraiba; St. Joseph Mipibu, in Rio Grande do Norte; and Sao Gabriel do Oeste, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Source: Agency Brazil

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