House resists proposal reduces number of parties

Part of the House has already articulated proposal pileup, would decrease to 16 the number of subtitles, that are currently 35.
11/11/2016 11h49 - Updated 11/11/2016 11h49
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Political reform approved in the first round in the Senate will struggle to move when you get to the House. Part of the House rejects the proposal and already articulated to shelve it. MEPs say that to approve the measure will promote significant changes in the text. The main point of dissatisfaction is the barrier clause, what, in practice, intended to limit or number of parties No Country.

currently, are 35 subtitles - 28 with representation in Congress. The Proposed Amendment to the Constitution adopted on Wednesday, 9, by senators, compared to the elections of 2014, reduce only 16 the number of parties today. In the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), They are in the process of creating more 29 acronym.

Deputies say the proposal will limit the representativeness, especially of small parties, and they complain that big subtitles blame "dwarfed" by the difficulty in obtaining political stability. "The ills of politics are not located in small parties. It is false the idea that small hamper governability ", said the leader of the House PCdoB, Daniel Almeida (BA).

A legend, with 11 MEPs, will work to stop the reform. In evaluating Almeida, the proposal creates MPs' second and third categories ".

PCdoB will not be alone. A PT, which it was originally in favor of the barrier clause and the end of coalitions, already admits to review its position. "The bench is very strong respect for the PCdoB, Network and PSOL. This will be discussed again because the change of scenery is very abrupt ", said the leader Afonso Florence (BA).

proposals. Among the changes "abrupt", as Florence said, is the requirement for parties to get at least 2% of the votes in 14 Federation of units 2018. If you do not achieve performance, the symbols may not have a seat in Congress or access to the party fund and radio and TV time. The SGP also foresees the end of proportional coalitions and allows the union of federations subtitles.

With 58 Members on your countertop, Florence said it will be difficult to approval of the PEC in the way of the House that is. O líder do PROS, Ronaldo Fonseca (DF), He endorsed the criticism of PT: "You know when you will pass in the House? Only in the next century ". With six members on the bench, Fonseca pointed out that the barrier clause has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (STF) and he stated that the reform approved in the Senate is "joke".

Parliamentarians complain about the origin of the proposal and claim that the right would be the Chamber send it to the senators. The concern in the House is that the approved measures directly affect the election of deputies, it is proportional dispute. "No rule reaches. So, you can not please senators lords ", said the leader of the PTB, Jovair Arantes (GO). Legend has 18 MEPs.

change – Part of acronyms accepts discuss the PEC in the House, but already warns that adjustments will be made. "We will work to approve changes, but they can not happen overnight ", said the leader of the PRB, Márcio Marinho (BA). The way it was approved, He considered the deputy, small and medium-sized parties "succumb".

according to Marino, or PRB, with 22 MEPs, will recommend changes in barrier clause and rule application time, for parties to organize.

The net, with four members, will bring together the leadership of the party to discuss proposed changes in political reform.

During discussions on the Senate floor yesterday, the proposal of the author himself, the president of the PSDB, Senator Aécio Neves (MG), already admitted that the text could be changed.

Presidents of other parties also recognize the role of parliamentarians in matters approved by senators. "I see no problem in the proposal, but it will mess with the whole electoral system. There should be some changes, I think about the end of coalitions. In the case of the barrier clause is easier, exist federations ", said the president of DEM, Senator Agripino Maia (RN). The acronym has 28 MEPs.

Antonio Carlos Rodrigues, President of PR, He said the party has not discussed political reform. "I believe the Senate bill advance, but will undergo major changes by the House ", said leader. The PR is represented by 42 Members in the House.

The PEC should be second vote in the Senate on 23 this month and then will proceed to the House.

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