Near 1,2 million traded debt consumers Feirão Serasa

The salvage yard works on the internet and ends on 26 from November.
16/11/2016 14h55 - Updated 17/11/2016 10h23
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Near 1,2 million consumers across the country have participated in the Super Clean Feirão name Serasa Experian to negotiate arrears. According to the report prepared by the entity for the first seven days of the event the state of São Paulo is in the lead, with 33,37% of access. Next are Rio de Janeiro (13,86%), Minas Gerais (7,87%), Bahia (6,13%), and Paraná (4,77%). The salvage yard works on the internet and ends on 26 from November.

As 43 Companies participating offer advantages and exclusive payment terms. The channel can renegotiate arrears directly with free of creditors, from anywhere in the country.

To participate, the consumer must access the event website and complete the registration. After, it is directed to a page that will list all the debts listed in the database of Serasa. In debts with the participating companies service channels available will be presented (phones, e-mail and chat).

Then the consumer comes into contact with the companies to negotiate and, in some cases, the ticket may already be available with individualized proposal made by the creditor himself. According to Serasa Experian, the site is developed in a protected and safe environment for the consumer who may enter personal data with ease from any computer.

"Consumers should take advantage of these opportunities to clear the name because companies are willing to offer good proposals. But it can also present alternatives that actually fit in your pocket to get rid of bad debt. We are a reception time of the 13th salary, for those who are employed, which can help to supplement or pay the whole amount of overdue debt. This is the time for citizens to clear his name ", He noted the Credit Recovery Manager Serasa, Raphael Salmi.

According to Serasa Experian, the consumer must plan well before negotiating debt. You need to write down all the fixed costs and the debts already taken or envisaged to know how much should be left to pay the renegotiation and choose the conditions and forms of payment that best fit budget.

Source: Agency Brazil

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