Governor, Henrique Oliveira, highlights attracting new investments by the Federal Government for Education

Henry praised investment in education, in partnership with the federal government, like building 18 full-time schools.
29/11/2016 18h22 - Updated 29/11/2016 18h22
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The governor, Henrique Oliveira, honored on Tuesday, 29 from November, the ceremony of the Amazon Citizen title to Secretary of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education and former Secretary of State for Education, Rossieli Sores da Silva. In this ocasion, Henrique Oliveira praised investment in education, in partnership with the federal government, like building 18 full-time schools.

According to Henrique Oliveira, attracting new investments from the federal government is important to ensure quality education. “You can only think about education in Amazonas if we use the money from the federal government, in particular Fundeb. We know these 18 full-time schools that are coming and that will meet many people”, said Oliveira.

According to Secretary of Basic Education, Amazon should be awarded reformulations of federal programs, meeting in an unprecedented way the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA). “We have several ongoing projects of the Ministry of Education and which will benefit the Amazon. Recently we had an education project full-time, where we have 18 full-time schools financed. the programs, They were revitalized, and will have the participation of 100 state and other public schools in Amazonas state. Some other programs are being created and will benefit here too. We will have some peculiar things like supporting the local University, Still negotiating with the State University so that it can support municipal networks in the Amazon”, said Soares.

Rossiele Soares received the title of Citizen of the Amazon in prestigious ceremony by authorities and education professionals. Gaucho Santiago (RS), Rossieli Soares began his career in the Amazon Education 2008, when he joined the Department of State of Amazonas Education and was appointed secretary holder in August 2012. In May this year, he left office at the invitation of Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, to work on MEC.

The authorship of the title is Mr Antony - Chico Black (16Th and 17th Legislatures), by No Bill 252/2013 from 14 August 2013, which was approved unanimously by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas. The Law No. 4.075 from 04 August 2014 It was published in the Official State Gazette nº 32.856.

Historical – Rossieli Soares da Silva was born in 9 October 1978. He is married to the architect Meglen Vallau da Silva and is the father of Arthur Vallau da Silva. His parents are the public servant Antonio Zacarias da Silva and the psychologist and professor Valdeni Terezinha Soares da Silva. The brothers are Rossieli Alessandro Soares da Silva and Rossano Soares da Silva.

Secretary of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education (GUY) since May 2016, Rossieli served as Secretary of State of Amazonas Education in the period August 2012 until May 2016. In Rossieli Soares management ahead of Seduc, Amazonas was the state that had the greatest growth in high school, between state networks, in Ideb 2015, leaving 3,0 in 2013 for 3,5 in 2015.

Innovating in the pedagogical aspect, Rossieli Silva conceived and inaugurated, in February 2016, the first Public School Bilingual Portuguese-Japanese Brazil - the State School Full-Time Professor. Djalma Batista da Cunha.

The servers of the state Education benefited from actions never before recorded in the Amazon, such as the complete revision of the Career Plan, Career and Compensation (PCCR) - Performed by Seduc-AM and approved in 30 October 2013 by the Legislative Assembly of the State (hazard), by the Bill 349/2013; the granting, provided by State Law 3.951, from 4 November 2013, the unprecedented right to monthly food vouchers covering all teachers and other state employees Education; the granting of aid vouchers; the unprecedented right to Pedagogical Work Time (HTP); a program, also unprecedented graduate, in partnership with the UEA and a master's degree program in partnership with the Federal University of Juiz de Fora.

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