Prosecutors join with representation to ensure laboratory tests and hemodialysis, no AM

Members ask the court to set time for a daily fine of R $ 10 thousand to the state Secretary of Health.
18/11/2016 15h09 - Updated 18/11/2016 15h15
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The prosecutors Accounts (MPC-AM), of State (MP-AM) e Federal (MPF-AM) They joined with a representation requesting an injunction in the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) against the State Department of Health (Sesame) and the company J The S Souto Loureiro The deadline to fix the Susam to adopt measures so that there is no interference in laboratory testing services in health units in the Amazon.

The petition was signed by the responsible for the Coordination of Health and Environment of the MPC, Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça; by the prosecutor of the Republic Bruna Menezes Gomes da Silva; and the promoter of Justice Neyde Regina Demosthenes Trinidad and was ingressada after the company suspend laboratory tests in health units due to lack of payment for services rendered.

"Considering that health is an essential service and the omission in its provision, ultimately, puts at risk the lives of countless citizens, the prosecutor uses to guarantee the continuity of public service, given that the laboratory tests is essential for the functioning of the health network ", He said Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

the representation, prosecutors and the prosecutor explained that do not advocate the provision of services without state compensation, "But it is necessary to consider that it is not possible to use the suspension of services as a charging mechanism, celing when considering that the company J Souto Loureiro The S received from the public treasury, in 2016, more than R $ 10 millions".

"Before the essentiality of service to the State of Amazonas, charges for defaults on health-related contracts should be given by the courts and not by the method used ", said Attorney accounts.

in action, members of prosecutors ask, still, que o TCE determine à Susam, under penalty of a daily fine of R $ 10 one thousand, to initiate an administrative proceeding to determine responsibility for concentration and high number of outsourcing contracts with a similar object with a single private company, besides carrying out studies for the priority project presentation to effectively ensure the provision of the service with reversal of the illegitimate frame high degree of outsourcing, to the detriment of staff approved in a public tender for the Susam.

Prosecutors also entered with a public civil action, with the same goal, in Federal Court, but the request has not yet been examined by the judgment of the 1st Federal Court.

The Office of Health and the MPC-AM Environment also filed a representation with the TCE-AM against Susam on suspicion of illegality and antieconomicidade the Contract 030/16 with the Hemodialysis Center Ari company Gonçalves Ltda. EPP (CEHMO) and hemodialysis procedure supply deficit to patients of the Unified Health System (THEIR) not Amazonas.

"The antieconomididade and overpricing of Contract 030/16 It is the adoption of the global price regime, no amount of R $ 476,1 one thousand, to be paid monthly, independent of actual production service and its measurement. For the description of the items, it can be said that these maximum amounts are higher than the volume the quality of services actually rendered in the period ", He said Attorney accounts Ruy Marcelo Alencar Mendonça.

the representation, the prosecutor asks the ECA Presidency grant, monocratically and outright, emergency anticipatory measure with a deadline set by the court and a daily fine of R $ 10 thousand to the State Secretary Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, so that Susam initiate a review process of the Contract 030/16, as well as making special accounts to determine how much was paid more CEHMO the company and to present a priority project to ensure the expansion of supply of dialysis services in the Amazon.

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