MPF-AM asks the Justice regularization supplying drinking water to the municipalities of Tefé and Alvarães

Community and students are subject to disease, since direct withdraw from the river Tefé water for consumption.
15/11/2016 11h17 - Updated 15/11/2016 11h20

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The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) asked the Justice that the Prefectures of Tefé and Alvarães (a 523 e 531 km from Manaus) regularize the water supply service treated to coastal living near the municipalities of Tefé and Alvarães, respectively.

in action, MPF / AM seeks a survey done in communities located in the National Forest (Flona) Tefé, federal conservation unit in the sustainable use mode, for preparation of a report with information about the communities that do not have artesian available, making data crossing with the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) to avoid false information.

The MPF also requested that the municipalities and the Union should bear the drilling of boreholes or take other necessary steps to ensure that the needs of the communities according to their constituency area is located in Tefé or in Alvarães, especially in communities: Caru, new Canaan, Santa Maria of the Boto, San Francisco – Paxubainha, Cacautuba, Saint Rose, St. Joseph Bridge, Jauarituba, potion – New Hope and Mungubal, cited in action.

A daily fine of R $ 1 thousand for any breach of the order may fall on the municipalities and the Union, if the Court accepted the request of the MPF and establish the six months to obtain the resources and carrying out of tenders.

Public civil lawsuit proceeds in Vara Single Subsection Judicial Tefé, under No. 0000748-05.2016.4.01.3202, awaiting trial.

Students and community subject to disease - In local survey conducted by MPF in Flona Tefé, the District Attorney Eduardo Gonçalves, responsible for action, It found that many of the community and students of local rural schools have the only direct source of drinking water the river Tefé, which leaves them susceptible to various diseases.

A series of irregularities such as lack of school meals, inadequate structure of schools and deficiencies in waterways school transport, with lack of life jackets students, They were also found during visits to communities.

Source: MPF-AM

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