MPF-AM recommends suspension of tender notice for Tefé

In addition to the suspension recommendation, the agency made demands challenged by indigenous leaders and teachers.
15/11/2016 11h08 - Updated 15/11/2016 13h59

The Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) He recommended to Tefe Prefecture (municipality 523 kilometers from Manaus) to suspend the registration of the public tender to fill vacancies in the establishment plan posts, Concerning the No Notice 02/2016, and promote consultation with indigenous leaders and representatives contesting the specifications concerning the positions of 'Professor: indigenous education / rural '. Registration for the contest will close on Tuesday (15).

The indigenous leaders and teachers of the people Kambeba, Ticuna, Kokama and Kaixana villages Low Barrier, Barreira do Meio, Bethel Barrier Up, Agrovila of Emade, peacock Pataua, New Jerusalem, Porto Paia, Boarazinho, Boara Low and BOARA de Cima, all located in Tefé, contest, by letter, the requirement of notice to require indigenous bilingual teachers higher education in Pedagogy, with training in specific indigenous language. "We understand that those who speak the mother tongue does not need certificate or schooling, it is a cultural heritage and is part of culture, and in this regard there is no need to issue certificate for bilingual as bilingual education is procedural and exemplary ", appointment letter.

Representatives have contested the fact that the document prevents the participation of teachers trained in Indian Magisterium, specific course for indigenous teacher, even the contest providing openings for Indian schools.

The basic principles for indigenous education, provided in the Law of Education Guidelines and Bases (No law 9.394/96), determine a differentiated education, bilingual and intercultural, with the development of educational program with the hearing community, with curriculum itself and aimed at reaffirming their ethnic identities. The MPF also highlights the recommendation to Resolution No. 3, from 1999, Board of Education, providing "education taught in mother tongues of the communities, as a way of preserving the sociolinguistic reality of each people "and" the school organization ", as the basis for carrying out the consultation and amendment of notice.

Prior consultation is a right guaranteed by the International Labour Organization, it explains the rights of indigenous peoples to participate in the formulation of indigenous policies, to protect the rights of the people and ensure respect for their integrity.

constitutional guarantee differentiated education - On the recommendation, MPF argues that the Constitution enshrines the right to difference and gives special protection to indigenous; elevates the right to education a fundamental right condition, also explaining the right to differentiated education for indigenous peoples, where the State provides to indigenous communities to use their mother tongues and their own learning processes, besides affirming the right to culture as an integral identity.

The MPF also indicates the recommendation that, after consultation, there is consensus between the Tefé Prefecture and indigenous leaders, must provide the rectification of the notice, with new deadline for completion of registration, and such acts were published and widely disseminated. The suspension of the registration must be made for a period of ten days and the Tefé Prefecture shall inform the MPF, in the same period, what measures will be taken to the full service of recommendation.

Source: MPF-AM

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