No Pronto Socorro Delphina Aziz, 96,7% of treated patients are satisfied with the service

The hospital receives, average, 15 thousand people a month and, this year, We have performed over 251 thousand laboratory tests and imaging.
10/11/2016 07h34 - Updated 10/11/2016 11h36

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With 96,7% of patients satisfied with the service, or Pronto-Socorro (PS) the Delphina Rinaldi Abdel Aziz Hospital receives, average, 15 thousand people a month and, this year, We have performed over 251 thousand laboratory tests and imaging. The percentage of satisfaction is related to service in October and was measured by internal survey applied by the User of the Service (OR) do PS Delphina Aziz.

The unit is linked to the Department of Health (Sesame) and administered by the Institute of Medicine, Research and Development (miracles). The Delphina Aziz has independent structures for the care of adults and for children. Like this, PS has urgent and emergency care in pediatric specialties, clinical medicine and general surgery. In the field of diagnosis, the unit has laboratory tests, X-ray, electrocardiogram and ultrasound.

Among patients who sought care in October, 2,4 thousand were heard by the SAU staff. User satisfaction is measured monthly and assists the PS management in correcting flows and processes in order to improve the performance of all staff focus on patient care.

Always cited by users, humanized care is the inspiration of the whole team, constantly, participates in training. From January to October this year, the Imed promoted 13 thousand hours of focused training to techniques of each professional area, nursing, nutrition, physiotherapy and other, beyond, training focused on behavioral field. The courses are targeted for healthcare quality and patient safety. The professionals who develop activities in the unit and took part in the training offered work, also, in other units that provide health care. Like this, the training impact in other emergency rooms and hospitals Manaus.

"I always bring my children here and bring other relatives also", said Jessica Alvarenga, 25, Bianca Castro's mother, 2. The Jessica's daughter was more than four times the Delphina Aziz. Last time, with an asthma attack. "Besides being near my house, the service is good. Even though an emergency room, when doctors see that you need to take exams, they request and do. Not only prescribe medication, have the time they need to investigate and here is verified ", Explain.

Alessandra Ferreira, 34, sought care at Delphina Aziz for the first time this week. "I found all staff helpful. A medical especially. She examined me indeed. When I went to the drug industry, I was very well is the nursing techniques. I, no doubt, I recommend to others ", said.

"I confess that I was surprised with the quality. Cleaning is visible and people working in the public emergency are caring with patients, it caught my attention ", account Siméia Figueiredo, 32, who took her daughter, Daiane Shrike, 12, for urgent care.

Complaints and suggestions made in the search form applied by the SAU or letter to own hand are received and forwarded to the sectors involved for solutions and improvements. Patients are given a return within five days by phone.

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