Attorney says Garotinho offered bribes not to be arrested

in the indictment, the judge said it was initially made a proposal of R $ 1,5 million and after R $ 5 millions.
19/11/2016 14h05 - Updated 19/11/2016 14h05
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The judge of the 100th Electoral Area of ​​Campos dos Goytacazes, Glaucenir Silva de Oliveira, He accused the former governor of Rio de Janeiro Anthony Garotinho and son Wladimir Matheus they offered, through third parties, R$ 5 million people known by the judge to prevent the arrest of both. The complaint was made by the judge at the Regional Electoral Prosecutor in Rio de Janeiro.

The prosecution asked the Federal Police to initiate inquiry into the case. in the indictment, the judge said it was initially made a proposal of R $ 1,5 million and after R $ 5 million in exchange for the favorable judgments investigated.

Garotinho was arrested on Wednesday (16) Federal police suspected of participating in a vote-buying scheme investigated by the Electoral Prosecutor and the Federal Police. According to investigations, irregularities occurred through the grant of a social benefit called Check Citizen.

"The facts will be cleared, in urgent, by prosecutors and Federal Police, because the situation portrayed by the magistrate is extremely serious”, said the electoral regional prosecutor Sidney Madruga.

On the night this Friday (18), the prosecution also issued letters on an urgent basis to the State Prosecutor's Office and the Regional Electoral Tribunal for the Prosecution in Campos take the necessary measures to repress possible criminal and electoral offenses committed by Garotinho and son.

According to Madruga, there is evidence that Little boy tried to interfere in the investigative work of the federal police and threatened one of the promoters who are ahead Case Check Citizen.

Defense Garotinho
The family lawyer Garotinho, Fernando Augusto Fernandes, He said the defense will stand against the judge by the slanderous denunciation of crime. “The reported by judge, after their abuses of authority and grotesque scenes of the week, It deserves only legal answer and it will respond criminally for slanderous denunciation”, said Fernandes.

Source: Agency Brazil

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