Councillors maintain defense by the recovery of the Holy House of Mercy

Some councilors advocate the reform and recovery of hospital has been one of the best Manaus.
07/11/2016 14h12 - Updated 7/11/2016 14h12
PHOTO: Robervaldo ROCK / CMM

The recovery of the Holy House of Mercy, in ruins in the center of Manaus, He returned to the city council speech issue in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), on the morning of Monday (7). Mario Fleet (PHS), one of the councilors who advocates the reform and recovery of hospital in Manaus, He spoke about the looting in the unit's premises in ruin and made a new appeal for the recovery of the street building 10 July.

"People ransacked the hospital with some furniture, pulling the boards. The Santa Casa has been one of the best hospitals in our city, the roof has already collapsed. I do not know to whom to appeal ", he said.

The councilor pointed out the example of neighboring Para. "No stop, It was the same, but, unlike here, there then Governor Almir Gabriel (PSDB) interfered, and negotiations between the government and the Brotherhood to transform into foundation, under the control of the State, built new pavilions ", he explained.

Councilman Roberto Sabino, integrante do PROS, same party as the governor of the state, Jose Melo, He believes that both the State and the municipality can not afford to revitalize the Santa Casa de Misericordia. "At the time of Governor Eduardo Braga there was no agreement with the owners (administrators) do hospital”, he said.

Roberto Sabino believes, still, in the historic city center, there is no hospital operating condition after the historic temple restoration work, due to lack of local parking area that. "The Holy House of Mercy need not be used as a hospital, but a museum, a culture house, even because in the area there is no place for parking. The government needs to restore these old and dilapidated buildings and use them in their structure rather than renting buildings ", he defended.

Mario Fleet also lamented that even the old Avenue building 7 of September, which was the headquarters of the Municipality of Manaus, It is being taken by invaders.

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