Wilker Barreto makes previous accountability and announces examination of budgetary laws 19 from December

The management, according to him, was a lot of work and plenary discussions.
23/11/2016 14h46 - Updated 23/11/2016 17h55

The 13th session of ending the current legislature (2015-2016), the Mayor of Manaus (CMM), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), It was the tribune, on the morning of Wednesday (23), make a preliminary accountability of the Presiding Officers of the shares ahead of legislative work. In this ocasion, It ensured that the assessment of budget laws will be for the day 19 from December.

The management, according to him, was a lot of work and plenary discussions. "We had over electoral quorum fall period and not fail to discuss one day problems of the city of Manaus", he said, congratulating the councilors by proud and mature way they worked and discussed issues surrounding the city.

The president said, In this ocasion, that match with the Leader Board assessment of the Annual Budget Law (LOA) and the Multi-Year Plan (PPA), pending before the Legislature, not next day 19.

Wilker Barreto assured that there is enough time for the approval of executive projects and presentation of Impositivo budget already included in the LOA this year. "So let's (with sessions) until the last day that our Bylaws allow, already seeing in budget headings Impositivo the Budget ", secured.

The president has the budget Impositivo a large water divider, that this legislature will leave for strengthening the Municipal Legislature. "We have a very positive agenda and I'm sure we will keep the pace of work until the end", assured.

Changes in Internal Rules, approved this management, also they helped in the work of the Municipal Legislature, as said the president. According to him, many projects, today, They are filed within the Constitution Commission, Justice and Writing (CCJR), saving as officers to put on the agenda of discussions in plenary, projects without legal support, avoiding substantive discussions.

Wilker assured, still, what, for the third consecutive year, Camera will reset the agenda for discussion and approval of projects. "And we still keep redoubled attention to the projects of the council members who were unsuccessful, so that the proposals are not affected ".

The president assured, also, the House does not shy away to discuss important issues, as the PL of the squeegee. "We will discuss with maturity and without haste", secured.

In his speech, Barreto acknowledged that there are many challenges to be overcome, including the deployment of the Radio Chamber, that due to the current political situation - the House has lost a great ally in this initiative, Congressman Cleber Green - did not stop, but perhaps the institution can not channel more this year, Now only 2017. "We have the commitment of the federal Conceição Sampaio deputy in the fight have our FM radio next year, as another vehicle to publicize the activities of the House in the society ", said.

The president also announced for the next day 19 the delivery of the new auditorium of the House with 243 places. "Everyone is cognizant that the hearings over 60 people need to put plastic chairs on the floor. Therefore, an auditorium was necessary for the 5th largest parliament in the country ", he said, explaining that, in Sao Paulo, the chamber, in a building 1964, infrastructure has eight auditoriums, all with open channel.

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