Wilker ensures that legislative work will be conducted with maturity and without haste

Barreto assured that, even with the closure of legislative work discussions and analysis of projects in the CMM will be handled with maturity and without haste.
16/11/2016 15h29 - Updated 16/11/2016 15h29
PHOTO: Tiago Correa / CMM

In an interview with 'Public Hearing' program of Radio CBN Amazon early on Wednesday (16), Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS) ensured that, even with the closure of the legislative work planned for 22 from December, discussion and analysis of projects in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) They will be treated with maturity and without haste.

"We know that difficult issues will always require extensive discussions and the House has the maturity to discuss issues involving the city", he said, when referring to the vote on Bill No. 131/2014, authored by Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), which prohibits the keepers of service vehicles, the'flanelinhas', in Manaus routes.

Wilker argued that the implementation of the project 'Blue Zone' is an alternative to the impasse solution, since there is a consensus to take advantage of the 'squeegee' to the pass system to function.

The mayor, which is also as acting mayor because of the mayor Arthur Neto holidays (PSDB), said that the year 2017 It will be much grip to the public accounts. Wilker bet on Republican relationship the federal government to Manaus Prefecture for important projects that were stopped in Brasilia can be effectively implemented. "I see a pickup in the economy only in two years. It is natural to Manaus, on behalf of the Free Zone and its production chain even suffer from the crisis. How that will make investment in consumer goods such as TV and air conditioning in times of crisis ? Likewise does the government. No one can leave the bursting limit credit card and overdraft ", He stressed.

Another issue addressed by Wilker is the impasse involving the Santa Casa. The councilor pointed out that it is necessary to analyze not only the obligation of the Manaus City Hall to reform the building, to understand the prosecution. Parliamentary questions the responsibility of labor liabilities and also the adoption of a study indicating the actual need to allow a health facility in Manaus center at the expense of neighborhoods and communities of the North East areas and city, where it is concentrated most demand for public facilities.

Barreto ended the interview addressing the investment and shares of Manaus Prefecture in infrastructure such as the deployment of the covers of manholes, street lighting and paving of roads. "Mayor Arthur determined speed in this issue of manholes, it is necessary to consider the standardization that there is and it is in this direction that Seminf is working. Within the next four years, Manaus will 100% LED. Let's move forward in many areas. The paving work is being done right. The machines are still on the streets, with actions that come even by night ", said.

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