Broadband Brazilian fixed improved, but it is far from ideal

The average rate in the country increased 8%, but still occupies the 80th position in the global ranking of fixed Internet. In Manaus, AXXESS the company presents the best result.
28/12/2016 10h54 - Updated 28/12/2016 10h54
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A report released by Speedtest Brazil, company responsible for the Ookla speed test, It points out that the average speed fixed Internet in Brazil increased 8% between June 2015 and the same month this year.

According to the information disclosed on the basis of 14.648.230 measurements taken at various locations in the country, the average internet speed fixed in brazilian lands increased to 16,53 Mbps. Despite improvements, our country still occupies the 80th position in the global ranking of fixed Internet.

In what regards mobile connections, there was mention of the improvement was 37%, with connections with an average speed of 11,31Mbps - and this result puts us in 71st place in the overall ranking.

And where are the fastest connections?

The survey was also able to map the areas where we can find the fastest connections. after analyzing 13 cities (and 12 their capital), it was observed that the fastest fixed internet is the São Paulo, with 28,84 Mbps. In sequence, You can find Curitiba, Brasília and Campinas, averaging 24,22 Mbps, 20,60 Mbps and 19,82 Mbps, respectively.

There was also mention that three groups dominate 85% internet market fixed in Brazil (TIM, Oi e Vivo), and only in Manaus the fastest fixed internet is not under the control of these companies; there, the best results were obtained by AXXESS.

In what concerns the mobile Internet, Clear, Vivo, Oi, TIM and Nextel had, respectively, the best results with 4G mode (by the way, except Nextel, the other four companies are holders of 98% connections in the country). TIM is the operator with the largest coverage, hugging 443 cities and 52% of the population, while Claro, Hi Vivo and can be found in less than 200 cities each, getting a range between 45% e 48% of the population.

What about the receptivity?

On the one hand we celebrate the results with the average connection speeds, the same can not be said of the possibility of improvement or even expansion of service offerings.

According to a study by consulting firm Teleco, Brazilian capitals are not in the list of the friendliest places these maneuvers. If with respect to the fixed average speed is the leading Sao Paulo, she will stop at 91st in the item infrastructure improvements, especially when we see problems such as lack of clarity in the application approval process stations installation, and the prohibition of ERB installation (acronym for Radio Base Station) in areas such as chains, hospitals, schools and other.

Belo Horizonte already appears in 98th position, It is the capital more poorly positioned in the ranking - and this is related to restrictive laws and various other details that complicate the improvement efforts. Curitiba, in turn, It appears in 16th place and is the best of the capital for the realization of gender investments.

If at this point you're curious to know what are the most favorable locations for implementation of internet for improvement, here's the list: Uberlândia (MG), Rattlesnake (PR), Pinhais (PR), Varzea Grande (MG) and St. Louis (BUT). Late, by the way, It has a law that facilitates the deployment of broadband infrastructure in the city, which helped to occupy a higher place.

Source: Tecmundo

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