Bi Garcia says goodbye to Aleam to take mayor of Parintins

From the 1st of January 2017, parliamentary takes the third time the city of Parintins.
23/12/2016 15h54 - Updated 23/12/2016 15h54
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On the last day of the plenary session 2016 the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (hazard), State Representative, would Garcia (PSDB), said goodbye to colleagues and officials of the house. From the 1st of January 2017, parliamentary takes the third time the city of Parintins.

In his speech, Deputy thanked the partnership and exchange of experience with other parliamentarians. "Today is the last session I as state representative of that house and wanted to thank you for coexistence with colleagues, I learned a lot during those two years. I have had an experience in Parintins municipal legislative exercising two terms and is chairman of the house. And here in the Assembly, I as officers as 3rd vice president. I would like to thank President Joshua Neto (PSD) the opportunity and the colleagues who voted on our plate for two years. Today we left with the feeling of accomplishment ", commented.

Bi Garcia also recalled the great achievement in the house which was the approval of the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) the Impositivo Budget, project of his own. "I am a man of dialogue, debates and proposals, I passed the house without friction, trying to do the best in Aleam and God enlightened me so I could make one of the most daring and innovative projects that allow Members to work in a modern way and contribute to the implementation of the state budget resources in various segments of the Amazonian society, especially in the interior of Amazonas. I always positioned myself against this state development model that centralizes the economy in the capital and leaves the poor inside. I have no doubt that the Impositivo Budget, It allows parliamentarians can take investments both inland and for the capital ".

Besides that, the parliamentarian thanked the party colleague Bosco Saraiva for the fellowship and reported that the administration in Parintins will be focused on the investment in the primary sector and county tourism to boost the economy. "I want to thank all colleagues, especially to my party colleague Bosco Saraiva (PSDB) by fraternal coexistence, respectful and harmonious. And do not doubt that this friendship will be everlasting. As mayor of Parintins, I will try to always be in tune with this house to seek and implement projects, not only in Parintins, but throughout the Lower Amazon. We need to improve the Amazon within the economy. As the Free Trade Zone of Manaus is not the state, we bet on a government that will prioritize the primary sector. We are working the resource reallocation that was voted in the City Council of Parintins order to invest in the primary sector and strengthen tourism in the municipality ".

Bi Garcia finished stating that failed amendments in Congress and Aleam to help rebuild Parintins. "In September I was in Congress and got individual amendments and bench raise an additional $ 75 million to Parintins. In Aleam we left over R $ 20 million individual amendments of deputies. We are aware of this process of financial deficiency passing Brazilian municipalities, fruit of this crisis that settled in the country and it has been lasting. Let's hope we can stabilize from next year. The measures are already being implemented and we need to collaborate so we can improve the Brazilian economy ", finished.

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