Dema Team Seizes 200 m³ of wood during irregular operation in Manacapuru and Novo Airão

An operation was held on 18 e 19 from December.
22/12/2016 09h06 - Updated 22/12/2016 09h09
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, represented by the holder delegate of Police Specialized in Crimes against the Environment and Urbanism (during), Samir Freire, broke out on Sunday morning, day 18, at 7 am, action named "Mapinguari", that followed until Monday, day 19, 19h, in the municipalities of Manacapuru and Novo Airão, which they were seized 200 cubic meters of timber illegally, five quelonios, one gauge shotgun 32 and two chainsaws.

According to Samir Freire, the operation aimed to investigate illegal logging complaints of wood and had the participation of crowded servers in the Environmental Policing Military Police Battalion, tax of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam) and experts from the Institute of Criminology (IC), linked to the Department of Public Safety State of Amazonas (SSP-AM).

"The teams started the approaches in seven sawmills located in two branches in Manacapuru and Novo Airão. found, over the diligences, that two sawmills had no license for the use of chain saws ", he explained Freire.

As the police authority, They were seized during the operation 200 irregular cubic meters of madeira, five quelonios, one gauge shotgun 32 and two chainsaws. In this ocasion, Arilson do Nascimento Cunha, 46, He was indicted by deforestation and Mario Antonio Ferreira de Souza, 36, It was booked in flagrante delicto for illegal possession of permitted use of firearm.

In Precinct Interactive Manacapuru was arbitrated bail in the amount of R $ 440 Mario. The stipulated amount was paid by the violator and then he was released to answer for the crime in freedom. Arilson was conducted on an interim basis the Ipaam that region, where they were carried out the appropriate procedures and he was subsequently released.

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