Teams conduct training for the second round of the Copa Caixa

Games between Costa Rica-Italy and Russia-Brazil take place on Sunday in the Amazon Arena.
10/12/2016 11h23 - Updated 11/12/2016 13h58
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The second round of the International Cash Cup Women's Soccer teams takes place this Sunday (11), with the game between Costa Rica vs Italy, at 14:30, and Russia vs. Brazil, to 16:45, in the Amazon Arena. The gates for departures open two hours before and the public can enter through the gate B and C, both by Constantino Nery. Prior to 'heat up' the stadium that was the World Cup stage, however, teams train on Friday and Saturday, days 09 e 10, in various fields of the city. The event receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Earlier on Friday (9), Italy was the first to carry out preparation on the Hill, located in São Raimundo. At 15:30 it will be the turn of Costa Rica, no 3 B (Aparecida). Right after, 16h, the Brazil training at the Estadio Carlos Zamith (crowned), 16:30 Italy back to the Hill and Russia closes the schedule to 17h, in Sesi (crowned).

no Saturday (10), the 'heat' for the World Cup continues CHEST. At 10am Italy trains on the Hill (São Raimundo), while at 15h30 Costa Rica uses 3 B, in Aparecida. at 16h, Brazil will meet in Carlos Zamith (crowned) and 19h Russia will use Sesi (crowned).

In preparation to face Costa Rica, the coach of Italy, Antonio Cabrini, It was timely to talk about the opponent. "All South American team has a peculiar way of playing. Therefore, we know we can not let our guard. We are studying their game to make a good game ", disse or comandante da Azzurre squad, in which 1982 won the title of World Cup.

Beer, persistent attacker – Author of two of the six goals scored in the opening match of Brazil in the Copa Caixa, against a Costa Rica, Beatriz Zaneratto is more one of the youngest players who are part of the Women's Team Group. With just 22 years, the striker made his first appearance in the main team 2011, the World Cup, in Germany. Last year, also competed in the competition in Canada and, In Manaus, He believes that persistence and patience are the ingredients that lead to the path of the seventh title in the Copa CHEST.

"We knew that every game would be difficult, and is now trying to impose our rhythm. It is to have patience and wait for the moment. I am very happy to help the team with two goals on his debut soon, but I know I need to improve a lot, But I think I'm on the right track. We are working to play against Russia, and we will try to go the way of playing the ball more, than launches, and then we will have more possessions ", said Bia, commenting on the people amazonense.

"It's a very fervent crowd, the reception of the first game was great and we just have to thank those who attended. Now we are inviting people to honor the other games and support us ", said the player, natural Araraquara (SP), to stress that the heat of the Amazonas capital is being overcome by the team and that is something that 'plays' over against the other teams. "The heat here is a difficulty for us, but still favors in front of our opponents ", she said, smiling.

Tickets time
Tickets for the World Cup CAIXA has unique value of R $ 30, both for the half price of beneficiaries (elderly, PCDs, students), as for the general public that the time of purchase display 1 kg of non-perishable food. Those who choose not to take food, pay entire amount of R $ 60.

Those who can not get advance tickets, Arena Amadeu Teixeira will be running with extended hours on days matches, when the box office will begin 9 am and continues until 21h. In the days without games, the box office is from 9h to 18h.

Tickets are also being sold in the Amazon Shopping Diniz optics (Djalma Batista), Manauara Shopping (v. Mario Ypiranga) e Sumaúma Park Shopping (New city), according to the schedules of each shopping center.

The online sale happens at site

The Cup CASH will be held at different times during the day 07, 11, 14 e 18. however, the opening period of the gates will be the same every day: two hours before.

The public will have two input options on the Amazon Arena: gates B and C, both located in the Constantino Nery. The gate D, the Flavian Limongi, will be available for People with Disabilities (PCDs).

Before games, magazines will be made by the Military Police and the Cup is prohibited the entry of sharps, as syringes, needles, scalps, ampules, glasses in a generally pointed or any material or containing cutting edges capable of causing punctures. Besides that, They are vetoed firearms and thrown weapons, fireworks and sidearms, as an umbrella with a metal rod and aerosol containers.

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