African-Amazonian Festival Yemanja offers exclusive area for services and offerings in Ponta Negra

From day 30, the space will be open to the public.
27/12/2016 14h00 - Updated 27/12/2016 14h00
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From 29 from December to January 1, 2017 occur Afro-Amazonian Festival Yemanja 2016, that proposes to bring together traditional peoples and communities of African matrix for holding demonstrations and cultural and religious celebrations. As in 2015, people will have a unique space in the Ponta Negra Beach, West zone, for their rites.

The opening event, organized by Amazon Articulation of Traditional Peoples of African Origin (Aratrama) and conducted by the Social and Cultural Development Association of Toy Bade, take place on 29, 18h, in Ponta Negra (Rowing Club Area) guest. On the occasion will be honored organizations and institutions that have excelled in 2016 the moon against prejudice and religious hatred.

From day 30, the space will be open to the public. According to Jorge Alberto, general coordinator of the Festival, but of 20 thousand people are being anticipated during those days, It is the highest concentration on the first day. "From day 30 It will be open to all mystical people. nonlocal, people can make their safely rites. There will be tents for the terraces and a food court with yard of foods and drinks to be sold ", Explain.

The event has the support of Manaus Prefecture, through the Municipal Foundation of Culture and Tourism Event (Manauscult) and the Municipal Health (Sems) and organs of the State, as the Secretary of State for Justice and Human Rights and Citizenship (Sejusc).

For greater safety, beyond the Amazon Military Police work (PM) the public is that the space will go through magazines and receive a wristband to access the site. Jorge Alberto makes clear that the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC) granted permission for the event can be input to glass bottles offerings. "It will not be allowed entry beverages for consumption, only for offerings. Consumption should be done in the food court ", punctuates.

Jorge Alberto highlights, still, this is also a time counter to the prejudice. "In no way religious intolerance is allowed. Everyone will have their space, who is to party New Year's Eve, whoever enjoy the shows and we will have an area of 700 meters, with access to water to make our offerings and homages in peace ", disseminates.

Today in Manaus, there are approximately 400 terreiros only in North and East, and a survey, still underway in capital, already reaches thousand local. "We believe that, Generally, in Manaus there is an average of four thousand places of worship and adoration ", says the coordinator.

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