Government of the Amazon launches application with AIDS on guidelines

The application "Viva More App", It was developed in order to help young, that make up the age group that has the highest incidence of the disease.
02/12/2016 14h41 - Updated 2/12/2016 14h44
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The State Government launched on Thursday- market (01), World Day to Combat AIDS, the application "Live More App", which was developed with the aim of helping young people, that make up the age group that has the highest incidence of the disease, to ask questions about the methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Or event, held at the seat of Government of the auditorium, marked the opening, not been, the activities of the month to combat AIDS, the "Red December", that occurs worldwide, as a warning for the prevention and awareness of the issue.

The new application was designed by the Department of Health (Sesame), through the State Coordination of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, that acts linked to the Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado (FMT-HVD). Developed by the company Amazon Data Processing S.A. (Sell), the project has the partnership of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), through Live Better Knowing Jovem.

They participated in the launch of the app, the CEO of Prodam, Marcio Lira Silva, representing Governor Jose Melo, Director of Teaching and Research of FMT, Marcus Lacerda, the official monitoring and evaluation UNICEF, Emily Costa, and the state coordinator of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Silvana Lima.

Marcus Lacerda emphasized that the new technological tools that are being increasingly used in healthcare facilitate people's access to information and services. In the case of AIDS, he said, it is essential to create conditions for the guidelines on the subject arrive efficiently and more quickly to the young. The director of Prodam reported that in the application development process, the company received important technical collaboration of young people Viva Program Best Knowing, even in defining the content, in order to be an attractive tool for this public.

But Viva App

in the application, the user has access to informative content through games. When you log, the user answers a "quiz", questionnaire that will be possible to analyze the degree of risk and his vulnerability to HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (IS). Among the questions is, for example, the last time you had unprotected sex. O app counts, also, with a "feed" interactive news, with all the news about HIV / AIDS. You may also know the location of health services for diagnosis and treatment of the virus.

The app is available for Android OS. Another difference is the fact that collaborative, that is, Anyone can contribute to improvements in tool. "The user himself can suggest inclusion of information and new commands", said the technical director of Prodam, Tadeu Daniel Martinez Castello Branco.

During the presentation of the application, the graduate coordinator of the School of Health Sciences of the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), Eduardo Honorato, He talked about gamification, application process elements and game design concepts to different situations. "In the last years, this methodology has been used in several areas campaigns, having recently gained ground on the world stage, in health-related events. It has proven an effective way, efficient and effective to contact specific populations, when traditional methods have proved flawed ".

The researcher explained that the "Viva More App" uses classical concepts of this method, to have direct access to a population that is traditionally difficult to penetrate.

In addition to the application launch, the State Coordination of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis initiated, this Thursday, the programming of the campaign for the World Day to Combat AIDS, which this year has the theme "I care. Is that you?”. No Amazon, actions occur in all 62 counties, where the Municipal Health Department are stepping up prevention work, with the provision of rapid tests, speeches, distribution of condoms and information leaflets.

According to the director president of FMT-HVD, Rosemary grace, this year's campaign calls attention to the change of attitude and behavior of the population, in relation to people living with HIV / AIDS. "This theme reinforces the importance of welcome and encourage adherence to treatment of people with HIV. Thereby, It is expected to decrease the number of deaths ", He stressed.

According to the National Bureau data STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Amazon reported 15.149 AIDS cases, period not 30 years (from 1986 to August 2016). Separately, Manaus had 12.179 cases (80,39%), Parintins 265 (1,74%), Tabatinga 248 (1,63%), Itacoatiara 157 (1,04%), Tefé 155 (1,02%).

According to the state coordinator of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Silvana Lima, from 2006, Amazon has shown higher detection rates to the national average. "In 2013, the state detection rate was 37,4 cases 100 thousand, 83% higher than the national rate, which is 20,4 cases 100 thousand. In 2014, this rate was 65% In Manaus. No period 1986 a 2014, the number of deaths was 2.557 cases ", compared.

Despite the high rates, Silvana Lima believes that progress has been made, not Amazonas, particularly regarding the decentralization of treatment and preventive actions. "Now, all Basic Health Units do HIV testing. Besides that, the population now has greater access to services and guidance on disease ", he said.

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