Implementation of New Environmental Economic Matrix will be key to the state's economy 2017, says governor

In an interview to a local radio, Jose Melo, He spoke of alternatives for economic growth for the region 2017.
28/12/2016 14h41 - Updated 28/12/2016 14h43
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Development of New Environmental Economic Matrix is ​​among the main projects to be executed in 2017 by the Government of Amazonas, with the intention of providing alternative economic growth for the region, as stated by the Governor Jose Melo on Wednesday (28), in an interview to a local radio station. The Governor also listed the investments that will run in the capital and countryside, and the prospect of action of the Model Free Zone in the foreign market, in the next year.

The New Economic Matrix is ​​included in R $ package 950 million that the state government has boxed for investments next year, originating loans. With Caixa Econômica Federal, the Amazonas government will formalize the hiring of the order proceeds of R $ 300 millions, money that will be used in doubling AM 010 to Rio Preto da Eva, the paving of roads in and the development of fish farming and fruit growing. Banco do Brazil, secured funding is $ 300 millions, which will be divided for infrastructure in the capital and investment in the primary sector of the interior.

The proposal of the Governor Jose Melo, besides strengthening the Manaus Free Trade Zone, work to establish a new sustainable economy, with fish farming projects and fruit crops in the state. "The Amazon is an economic anchor, which is the Manaus Free Trade Zone, and when Brazil goes well, she (Zona Franca), It's going very well, and when the country goes bad, the Free Zone is bad twice. When the industrial activity in Brazil fell 18% our had almost 38% curfew. Then the Free Zone that was an important anchor for our economy, she'll have another anchor, which is the Environmental Economic mother will work our regional wealth, as the production of fish, cosmetics, the rational use of forest,among others", commented.

The Governor emphasized that he is joining forces with the local business community to the model Free Trade Zone to increase its share in foreign market, with neighboring countries. "We are making a joint effort in the sense that the Free Zone from now on produce, or both for domestic market, and for the external. in crisis, I and the federation of industries and other business groups, We reflect that you can not be only with domestic demand, after all we are surrounded by countries that will grow, averaging 2% in the next year, As or Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, Colombia".

Regarding the political friction by which crossed with the containment measures costs and administrative reforms, in this year, Governor Jose Melo said the decisions were necessary to maintain the operation of primary sectors in the State. While other Brazilian state "catch" struggles with the fiscal imbalance, the Amazon, according to the Governor, It must treat as federal government only the issue of pension reform.

"I chose to do management, and in doing so we created bitter and measures that hit people. These measures gave me a great political wear, But we come to the end of the year with the balance in public accounts. I took the decisions and we now have a balanced state, I paid the salaries of servants, not close health facilities. To get an idea, all that was the governors committed to object to the Federal Government for fiscal adjustments, the only thing I will treat now is the pension because I anticipated a year, what the governors will do now. My reform and fiscal adjustment have been made, and now we have to address the issue of security because it alone is over 50% of all deficit that Brazil has in relation to their public accounts, and this has to be dealt with under penalty of legarmos to our children a better Brazil and Amazonas ".

Promotion to Police
The governor Jose Melo explained how intends to honor the commitment to the promotion of military police in the state. Due to the prudential limit of the fiscal responsibility law, the state currently is unable to grant such promotions, fact that, according to the Governor Jose Melo, should improve with the approval of the pension reform measures.

"I met with the cable association, cops, lieutenants and officers and told them, until March the social security law is passed, could fuel the economy. Here in the Amazon two factors were key to the Free Zone,as a resolution of the World Health Organization, which condemned Brazil for the practice of giving illegal tax breaks and gave a deadline to this end, and the Supreme Court has held that it is unconstitutional. Companies that produce outside Manaus, as in computer areas, come here, certainly, and this factor will feed positively to our economy and the Free Zone also. This will be possible if we adopt the social security measures, and there and I'll leave the hassle of being the prudential limit of the law limit the tax liability. When this happens and you have cash on hand, I said to the members of the Police who will promote and will be retroactive to the date he was entitled to promotion, and the value we owe to them we will divide into 12 times, and every month I paid him (police officer) promoted and one-twelfth of the previous, and that goes for education servers, police officers ".

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