Janot shows the Supreme Court first complaint against Renan derived from Lava Jato

Renan is accused of bribery and money laundering, for receiving, according to the MPF, R$ 800 thousand in bribes.
12/12/2016 12h55 - Updated 12/12/2016 12h55
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The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, filed today (12), no Federal Supreme Court (STF), the first complaint derived from Operation Lava Jato against the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL).

in the complaint, which also involves Congressman Anibal Gomes (PMDB-CE), Renan is accused of bribery and money laundering, for receiving, according to the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), R$ 800 thousand in bribes the company's commercial director Serveng, Paul Twiaschor. The executive was denounced by bribery and money laundering.

According to Janot, the money was passed through two legal donations to political campaign 2010, year in which Renan was elected senator for the state of Alagoas.

The official destination of the money was the National PMDB directory, who then passed the split mode amounts to the campaigns of politicians, a typical strategy of money laundering, according to the complaint.

However, for the Attorney General of the Republic, the real purpose of the transfer was to buy Renan's political action and that Aníbal Paulo Roberto Costa was kept in the Petrobras Supply Board. In exchange, former executive of state would act to promote Serveng in bids.

in the complaint, Janot points out that the support of the PMDB to Paulo Roberto Costa was confirmed in winning denunciations of impeached Senator Delcídio Amaral, financial operator Fernando Soares (Baiano) and money changer Alberto Yousseff.

Janot asks Renan and Aníbal give back R $ 1,6 million to public coffers, the title material repair and "transindividual damage".

The complaint is the result of the 11th investigation against Renan Calheiros in STF, eight of them derived from investigations of Lava Jato. Since the beginning of the month, Senator became defendant in Supreme, accused of embezzlement in a criminal action not related to the differences in Petrobras.

Congressman Anibal Gomes became the defendant in the Supreme Court a week ago, accused of bribery and money laundering, a criminal action also related to Lava Jato.


in a statement, the legal advice of Serveng said he received with surprise the news that one of its employees was terminated. Check out the full text of the company's positioning:

"Although not yet had access to the denunciation of the content offered by the Attorney General, Serveng Civilsan received with surprise and indignation the news realizing that one of its employees was also denounced. Throughout the investigation the company was available to authorities having also provided detailed testimony. The claim that Serveng Civilsan made political donations in order to "participate more bulky bids at Petrobras" does not make any sense and his untruthfulness will be tested at the first opportunity that our defense has to manifest in the records. "

Source: Agency Brazil

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