Justice determines new departure from the mayor Beruri

Odemilson Lima Magalhaes is a defendant in action of improper conduct, moved by MP.
05/12/2016 10h26 - Updated 5/12/2016 14h25
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The judge of the District Beruri, Matthew Guedes Rios, again ordered the removal of the mayor from office Odemilson Lima Magalhaes, by acts of administrative misconduct. A decision date 30 from November, in no case 0000138-84.2015.8.04.2901, moved by the prosecution, against the mayor and the president of the Municipal Fund for Social Welfare of the Municipality of Beruri (Fumpreb), Raimundo Ferreira de Moraes.

As the case, the mayor had already been removed by the magistrate in October 2015, when it also determined the unavailability of assets and rights of the defendants to the limit R $ 3.515.818,52 and the transfer of amounts to be deducted monthly from municipal employees and the monthly values ​​of the incident portion of the payroll related to employer portion, the account Fumpreb, the dates set out in the Municipal Act 204/2011, monthly evidence in court, under penalty of a daily fine of R $ 1 thousand on each breach.

The mayor was away for 52 days, but he returned to office after decision of 2nd degree, the grievance No. 7503-65.2015.8.05.0000, which suspended the clearance, keeping unchanged the other determinations of 1st degree.

But, according to the magistrate, to return to Beruri Prefecture, the defendant continued to commit acts of impropriety, in addition to omit and deliberately distort information requested by prosecutors for clarification of the facts, "Perpetrating illegal practices and using subterfuge to safeguard them from possible civil and criminal liability".

According to Judge Matthew Guedes Rios, "The brief foreshortening of acts of this process proves to be indispensable for the understanding of the extent and size of irregularities and returning, the end of Odemilson Lima Magalhaes defendant's mandate, to be flagrantly perpetrated, time, what, since the month of August / 2016, does not pass the Municipal Pension Fund the amounts deducted from the paychecks of the servers or the portion relating to Public Ente, in open breach of court order in the case of this process, notwithstanding the fact that, between 12/2015 e 10/2016, continues performing transfers and withdrawals via cashier's checks in the amount of R $ 167.972,49 (one hundred sixty-seven thousand, nine hundred seventy-two reais and forty-nine cents)”.

in the decision, the judge also determined to notify the Chair of the City Council Chamber, and banks, in order to proceed to the blocking of accounts until the deputy mayor to assume the office of mayor and pass to be the originator of expenses.

At the end of the sentence, the magistrate exposes some of his vision, citing poem presented in the form of speech in the Senate, in 1914, Rui Barbosa.

"Generalizes into society the sense of hopelessness and helplessness of the judiciary vision, fact that is masterfully exposed by the late and renowned jurist Rui Barbosa. after military 50 (fifty) years in public life and the law, He declaimed verses single and years before his death, revealing their experience and the feeling I had as impunity and dishonesty that raged in our country, meriting the full transcript of his immortal thought is the soul and the aspirations of those who work and battle for a better country ", says Judge Matthew Guedes Rios.

"I feel ashamed of myself for being an educator of this people, for having always fought for justice, by condoning honesty, By strive for truth and to see that people have called manly and nveredar the path of dishonor.

I feel ashamed of myself for having been part of an era that fought for democracy,freedom of suits have to give to my children,simple and abominably,the defeat of the vices virtues, the lack of sense in judging the truth,negligence with family,Mater cell of society,to too much concern with the 'I’ happy at any cost,seeking such 'felicidade'em riddled ways of disrespect for your next.

I'm ashamed of myself for passivity in hearing, without dumping my verb, so many excuses dictated by pride and vanity, so the lack of humility to recognize a mistake, so many 'floreios’ to justify criminal acos, the so reluctant to forget the old position ever 'challenge',go back and change the future.

I'm ashamed of me because I am part of a people who do not recognize ,embarking on paths that do not want to go…

I am ashamed of my helplessness, my lack of claw, my disappointments and my tiredness.

I have nowhere to go because I love this my ground,vibro to hear my Hinoe never used my flag to wipe my sweat or curl my body in sinful manifestation of nationality.

Beside the shame me,I'm so sorry for you,Brazilian people!

'From time to see succeed as nonentities,so much to see prosper dishonor,so much to see grow injustice,so much see if agigantarem powers in the hands of the wicked,man comes to discourage virtue. The laugh at honor, to be ashamed to be honest. ' "

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