The Globe says Eduardo Braga is vying for government leadership Temer

The thirst for power senator, which has been leading the government Dilma, It is well known in politics behind the scenes.
27/12/2016 10h39 - Updated 27/12/2016 16h54
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The O Globo newspaper said in a report published on Monday (26), the senator from Amazonas Eduardo Braga (PMDB) It is vying for the leadership of Temer government along with other senators. This is because with the departure of Renan Calheiros of the Senate presidency, the infighting within the party intensified.

According to the newspaper, Michel Temer and Romero Juca, It has a favorite for the presidency of the Senate, that would be Senator Eunício Oliveira, Ceará. The information behind the scenes is that President Temer and Juca are having to contain the souls of the senators that aims to important positions, including Senator Eduardo Braga, that targets government leadership.

The report states that Braga would be in dispute with Senator Raymond Lira, Paraiba, the same that led the prosecuting committee of the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff (PT). The article shows the well-known thirst for power senator, which has been leading the government Dilma.

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