Omar approves report proposing four laws to improve football

Senator Amazon was a full member of the CPI and highlighted the proposals in the final report.
08/12/2016 14h52 - Updated 8/12/2016 15h00
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With four new bills that come to transact in the Senate, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) voted for the final report of the CPI Football. According to the proposals, there will be a forecast of private corruption crime, better combat money laundering, tax incentives for small teams and the management of the Brazilian Championship is done by the clubs.

"Hardly a CPI appeals to everyone. But surely we are making good guidance and now we have to charge. What the report proposes is not to stay only on paper. The Brazilian Football Confederation has to take shame in the face and follow the directions. Brazilian football is a Brazilian institution, but of 200 million Brazilians ", said Senator Amazon.

One of the projects included in the report establishing a temporary tax incentive, up until 2022, to all the clubs that participate in the C or D of the Brazilian Championship Series. The proposal provides for the adoption of deductions of tax rates on income tax, both individuals and legal entities, seeking direct support to these clubs. Deductions are limited to 4% the tax payable in the case of companies, e 6% in the case of individuals.

The same proposal also provides tax incentives aiming at the creation of the Sports Society Sports, embodying the concept of "club-company" existing in countries like Spain. The report also provides recommendations to the CBF approved, how to extend the fixture list for clubs lower expression, including the creation of regional leagues.

Another bill proposed by the CPI provides increased percentage trainers athletes clubs, in all national transfers that involve the.

The final text also supports the clubs take the management of the Brazilian Championship, leaving the CBF only regarding administration to male and female teams, both as regards the major categories teams as the Olympic, under-20's under-17. Besides that, the report recommends that the CBF adopt card-fan in Brazil, in the same way existing in Argentina. The mechanism will enable the registration of fans, identifying those who engage in violent acts, making it easier to restrict their access to stadiums.

Combating corruption and money laundering
A proposal in the CPI report amending the Penal Code, drawing inspiration in the model already adopted in the European Union. According to the project, commits private corruption crime both as bidder who accept, direct or indirectly, improper advantage in order to perform or omit an act inherent in their duties.

This rule will be valid for both directors and to employees of private institutions, as well as the corrupting agents, resulting in fines and imprisonment of 1 a 4 years. If approved, the proposal will govern this type of conduct not only in sports, but throughout society.

The CPI also proposes to change the legislation to combat money laundering. One of the bills provides that all negotiations involving in any way football is communicated immediately to the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF). The bill also prohibits the participation of leaders, elected or appointed, or relatives to the third degree, in companies with which clubs or entities have business.

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