Project 'musicking' UEA opens new jobs for free courses

Registrations will continue until the day 6 January 2017.
27/12/2016 11h58 - Updated 27/12/2016 11h58
Photo: Joelma Sanmelo / UEA

Registrations are open for the free courses Corner, Guitar and Musical Initiation Extension Project 'musicking’ developed at the School of Arts and Tourism (you are) the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA). In this year, they are offered 200 vacancies for free corner, 100 vacancies for guitar and 50 places for musical initiation.

Entries must be held at the School of Arts and Tourism (you are), located at Avenida Leonardo Malcher, No 1728, 2º walk, living room 219, Manaus center. Office hours will be from 14h to 18h. no Saturday (31), the service will take place in the morning shift, from 8am to 12pm. The deadline for applications will continue until the day 6 January 2017. Each applicant can only apply for a job, choosing the mode according to your profile.

Evaluation Process

The selection process includes three steps: registration form fill stipulated in item 4 the Edict (For all candidates); Course Leveling (only for the free corner arrangements and guitar); hearings Classifiers (Only the arrangements for musical initiation and beginner guitar).

The assessed candidate at all stages of the selection process will have its institutional registration automatically effective. For more information: 3878-4411 / 99161-6119, Professor Valfredo Benevendes.

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